Dark Souls PC Out On August 24, New Trailer Released

Dark Souls has officially been announced on PC in a new enhanced edition entitled “Prepare to Die Edition”, which will be released August 24th.

What extra comes with this edition you ask? Well, that’s what has so many gamers wondering, but it has finally been revealed: a new chapter known as Artorias of the Abyss. If you played on consoles, Artorias the Abysswalker was a character shrouded in mystery, and he was rumored throughout the lore of Dark Souls to be one of the greatest warriors to ever live. Now, you get to fight in this Abyss, with at least four new bosses, and an enhanced PVP system “allowing players to more closely assemble battles against one another online.”

One of the more controversial subjects of this was the decision to use Games For Windows Live for the game’s online features, rather than the ever-popular Steam. Perhaps the publishers will also release on Steam, but that has not yet been confirmed. I did review Dark Souls on this site to much acclaim, so if you’re a PC gamer, or even a console gamer, with interest in this game, give it a read to help your decision on whether or not to get the game.

Check the Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition trailer below.