MotorStorm RC out March 6

Evolution Studios’ latest racing game, MotorStorm RC, has received an official release date. The game will launch for the PS3 and the PS Vita in NA on March 6.

MostorStorm RC will be available for purchase on the PS Store for $9.99. That $9.99 purchase scores you both the PS Vita and PS3 versions of the game.

MotorStorm RC revisits the extreme locations its bigger brothers put on the map: battling around the rocks and mesas of Monument Valley, crashing through jungles and tearing up the sandy beaches of Pacific Rift, sliding across ice sheets and barrelling down the mountains of Arctic Edge, and weaving through a city ruined by Apocalypse.

You’ll race eight classic MotorStorm vehicle types, ranging from the off-road Buggies to the lightning-fast Super Cars, and take on a full festival championship with dozens of events and medals to earn. As you rise to become the champion of every event, you will compete in wheel-to-wheel racing with eight vehicles on the track at a time, you’ll also be faced with three other game types: Drift, where you need to power slide for as many points as possible, Pursuit, where you need to move your way up the grid to first place from the back of the back as fast as possible and Hot Lap, the classic race against the clock for the fastest single-lap time.

Outside of the Festival, you can race at your own leisure in Free Play or fight for fractions of a second in the fiercely competitive world of Time Attack. And as you’d expect, MotorStorm RC on your PS3 serves up some good old fashioned split-screen multiplayer action for up to four players.

Motorstorm RC was released today for EU players. Check out the launch trailer below.

Via The PlayStation Blog