SSX Shipping with Online Pass

It’s probably not a surprise to anyone to learn that EA will be shipping the upcoming SSX reboot with an online pass. The screenshot above (taken from Giantbomb’s SSX quick look) shows the pass feature in the lowers left corner of the SSX home menu. While EA hasn’t announced what the pass will unlock, the multiplayer mode seems like a safe bet.  There’s also a possibility of a Kingdoms of Amalur-esque single player pass which works similar to Mass Effect’s Cerberus Network.

If you purchase the game new you should be good to go, but anyone who rents or buys the game used will have to shell out 10 extra bucks to unlock the full game.

SSX ships on February 28, 2012 for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

  • FadeToBlack70

    I’ve been actually holding off on buying a PS3 since I’ve been getting bored of the gaming scene. Once they announced this game I was hyped and finally ready to dive into this console.

    Looks like I’ll just save my money instead. I don’t “Need” to play games and I certainly wont spend money on things I don’t support so I guess, Thanks E/A, You’ve just saved me a bundle!!!