DmC Devil May Cry secrets trailer

The Action Adventure genre has been sparsely-populated lately, with God of War 3 being the last great hit. Sure, we had Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (a very underrated game), and Bayonetta (a VERY underappreciated sleeper-hit), but what happened to the beloved modern pioneer of the franchise? That’s right, it’s been almost four years, but a new major installment in the Devil May Cry series is on its way, and boy, is it pretty.

Developer Ninja Theory have taken the reigns this time, creating what is said to be a prequel to the main series. There are trailers littered all over YouTube, but what I’ve been able to make out of them all is that this adventure seems a bit more serious than the occasionally comical previous installments (c’mon, the opening scene of DmC 3 showed Dante killing demons with pizza in his mouth), and much more… Surreal, shall we say.In the “Secrets” trailer, however, we see something truly incredible: a massive structure floating in the sky with gargantuan chains dangling from it. Gravity is just thrown out of the window, I suppose. Dante, sporting his new and controversial haircut, spawns in on the scene, grappling and jumping over gaps, reminiscent of the studio’s own Enslaved: Odyssey to the West’s platforming elements. Then come some strange demons with blades as arms to kill ol’ Dante. He easily dispatches them, as whoever is playing the game clearly knows how to dodge and combo correctly. The combat is similar to past installments, still with the famous double pistols and giant swords, but it remains to be seen just how similar the combat is. Let me repeat, the game looks very, very pretty. Textures pop out of the screen, animations are a bit stiff, but they always are with this genre, lighting is spot-on, and the special-effects look very nice. I was a big fan of the studio’s Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, and I’m hopeful that they can make an installment deserving of the DmC name, as the series is one of the great hallmarks of gaming. Then again, they’re English, and I’ve never seen English people take a Japanese IP for a spin. Let’s just hope we don’t see Hello Kitty with tea and crumpets.