All You Need To Know About MW3

So coming this November 8th we will have our third installment in the Modern Warfare series, Now not everyone plays the story but the Call of Duty series is very famous for their multiplayer. They have added a couple major upgrades. We will get to those later.

The new mode survival is coming out with MW3, you and 1 other person will fight endless waves of enemies and each round the enemies get more difficult. Enemies do not spawn at fixed locations but instead tactical locations based on where the player is. You also earn cash for weapons and ammo. Multiplayer, what everyone has been waiting for is totally reamped. There are now 3 different “strike packages” for killstreaks called Assault, Support, and Specialist. The Assault strike package works the same as the default killstreak reward system in Modern Warfare 2 and Black ops.  The Support strike package offers support-style rewards such as UAVs and SAM Turrets. Unlike previous games in the franchise, the Support strike package will not make the player’s killstreak reward reset upon death, but instead, accumulate over the course of a match. The Specialist strike package rewards players with perks instead of killstreaks. After every eighth consecutive kill, the player will receive every perk in the game, but will reset back to none upon death.

Modern Warfare 3 will not use a money system for weapons and such. Quick scoping has returned from MW2. You will not be able to dive in MW3. Unlike previous game in the series, the player’s weapon will level up alongside the player. As the weapon levels up, the weapon unlocks a number of Proficiency perks such as Kick (reduced recoil while aiming down your sight) and Focus (stay focused under fire). Only one Proficiency can be put on a single weapon and is only allowed to be put on primary weapons. Another new addition is the ability to equip Hybrid Scopes on a weapon, such as a Red Dot Sight and ACOG Sight on a single weapon, and the player can switch between the scopes. A new gamemode has also been added, titled “Kill Confirmed”. Kill Confirmed requires players to collect floating dog tags from the corpse of a downed enemy before the kill can be registered. However, the opposing team can pick up the dogtag aswell to deny the other team of a kill. Another gamemode has also been added titled “Team Defender”. In Team Defender, each team must cap the opposing team’s flag, and hold it to accumulate points. Private matches also now include pre-made gamemodes including “Infection” (where the infected kills enemies to recruit them to their team), “Drop Zone” (where you must hold a drop zone for points and care packages), “Team Juggernaut” (each team plays alongside an AI Juggernaut character), “Gun Game” (be the first to get one kill with every gun in the game) and “One in the Chamber” (in which players are only allowed one pistol with one bullet and three lives where they can only get more bullets by killing other players). Along with this, players are allowed to create their own game modes with customized settings such as number of players and time limit.