Batman: Arkham City Review

Arguably the most anticipated game of the year is here, and it’s not playing around! Batman: Arkham City is set one year after the events of Arkham Asylum. To catch you up briefly, Joker was beefed up with titan and thwarted by the dark knight once again. Quincy Sharp has since been elected mayor and has sectioned off part of Gotham to house the most dangerous criminals, aptly named: Arkham City. Joker is now dying from the high dosage of titan, and has infected you. So now Joker’s words from the trailers have been brought to light.

Rocksteady has said that they don’t want to be the biggest open-world game, but the most detailed, and they have certainly done that! This game is huge, and very detailed. It actually feels like a real city, and not a bunch of buildings from a set template. Also, the characters have excellent graphics with almost no bugs. So far, the worst thing to happen is a very rare texture pop-in. Compared to all the things this game did right, this is a pebble on the beach.

The gameplay is also amazing, very smooth and fluent. Also, someone with minimal video game experience can jump in, because the controls aren’t very hard to pick up. It’s a pretty basic system to learn, and that’s a great thing. In my opinion, that’s awesome, because you don’t have to learn complicated button combos in order to do something that looks cool. Another great feature is that each separate character feels different and dignified. Batman feels technical and methodical, while someone like Cat-Woman or Robin feels faster. Taking on a mob of twenty men doesn’t feel overwhelming, you feel like Batman, so you can jump in and take them on!

Arkham City also feels very realistic. A new feature to the game, being able to use your gadgets while in combat, makes you feel even more like Batman than ever before. Also, little things like the fact that the Penguin won’t try to take you on by himself with his bare knuckles, rather he will try to take you down with his grunts and  his guns. It is also very fun and addicting. Nothing feels like too much of a challenge, but you can’t just blow through this game. Side missions don’t feel like chores, and because some of them feature cameos like Hush and Bane, it can make a Batman fan’s dream come true. Being able to play some of your favorite characters, like Red Robin or Batman Beyond, also add to the awesomeness of this game. Exploring the city is a fun time, and it never really gets old. Challenge Mode is better than ever, so you will want to keep coming back to this game long after the first time through the story mode.

Batman: Arkham City is definitely a winner and contender for Game of the Year! It will keep you entertained for hours upon hours and with Challenge Mode and being able to play through the Story Mode with Robin and other Batmen.While Arkham Asylum feels like an awesome Batman movie, Arkham City feels like an awesome Batman series! It is an amazing game, with little to no problems and an awesome roster of characters. The beginning may be one of the best openings to a game ever, and one of the most heart-wrenching endings to go with it. I think this will set the standards for hero games to come!

Rating: 10/10