Why the Nintendo 3DS Failed

Many people wonder why the Nintendo 3DS sales are so bad. I personally own the Nintendo 3DS, and I pre-ordered it back in March. $250 is steep compared to $100 for a DS Lite, $140 for a DSi, and $160 for a DSiXL. That is why Nintendo had to lower the price – it was way too much. The 3DS is really cool and I’m actually a bit surprised it did so bad, but… there are a few reasons for the 3DS’s crappy sales.

Let’s put it this way, $250 is a lot for a 4-8 Year Old. Plus, if you think about it, you can get a DSi for only $140, so why would parents pay more? The 3D of course, but then you have to factor in “3D for 7 Years Old and Older Only”. So, the 3D was a huge mistake.

The ability to view 3D Games without glasses is awesome, but there are a few drawbacks, such as:

-Viewing Angle: The viewing angle is extremely sensitive and is only for 1 viewer.

-Blury Images: The quality of the 3D images are not good when compared to 2D Quality.

-Side Effects: After the first two hours of playing my 3DS I had gotten a massive headache that lasted all night and part of the next day. My eyes also felt strained and after long viewing my eyes started watering. After a week or so, all the side effects stopped, and now I can view 3D freely.

I always show my 3DS to my friends and family and I always get the same reactions like “Wow! This is amazing! (It is) So Cool!”, “Ugh! My Eyes Feel Like They’re Crossed, but this is amazing!”, or “Does this hurt your eyes?”

I always assure my friends and family that the Nintendo 3DS is safe, and that there are reports saying that the 3D Effect is actually good for your eyes.

For every 2 DS Systems (DS Lite, DSi, DSiXL), 1 3DS is sold. That is just sad.

What you’ll see Nintendo do next:

Step 1: Advertise! (Completed; Reactions were mixed)

Step 2: Price Cut (Completed; Many more sale in Japan)

Step 3: Exciting Games! (PENDING; Super Mario 3DS, Mario Kart 3DS, and Luigi’s Mansion 2 will greatly improve sales)

Step 4: Assure People 3D is Safe (Not Completed; When you see more 10 Warning labels on the side of the package you know they aren’t assuring people it is safe)

Step 5: If sales are still bad, revise it (Rumoured; I can see Nintendo doing this very easily. Dropping the 3D may help)