Zombie Minesweeper: A Love Story Review

I’ve always been a huge fan of zombie based video games with the games such as, Dead Rising, Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead and Plants vs. Zombies. Having to deal with hordes of the undead always brought a sense of excitement and adrenaline for me. Plus zombies are always great enemies in video games. So I was recently asked by Jerard of DaxGamer to review a recent iPhone app game called Zombie Minesweeper A Love Story to which I gladly obliged. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to review this great game. It’s brought to us by Frogtoss Games, Inc and was released on August 9, 2011 for only $0.99. The game is also available for the iPod touch and iPad. A flash version is available online which is really great. Does this latest release rise from the dead or should it remain buried? Read the review to find out.

Zombie Minesweeper A Love Story is an updated version of the class Minesweeper with the addition of zombies thrown into the gameplay. I’m assuming everyone has played the original Minesweeper unless they have been living underneath a rock. It dates back all the way to 1960 and has seen some pretty good success over the years. It even came pre-installed on most operating systems. It’s a neat little game that I hold dear to me. How well does this latest update hold up to the original? It’s really good actually.

In Zombie MineSweeper A Love Story you take control of a scared little girl who gets placed in a minefield and in the meanwhile she has to contend with the undead. Your objective is to guide the little girl to safety before the zombies eat her brains out. Numbers on the ground indicate how many mines there are. If you need a little refreshment you can load up Minesweeper on your PC to get an idea of how the gameplay works.

In Zombie Minesweeper A love Story you have to contend with various types of the undead such as, a rabbits, bears, dogs, cats, raccoons, chickens, foxes, rats, cows and strangely enough trees and mushrooms. There are no human zombies this time around though it would have been nice. It’s safe to say that everything on the minefield wants to eat your brains out which makes things pretty hectic and exciting. I hope that there can be a future update that can include even more undead animal zombies and even human zombies. It’s really fun avoiding animal zombies while trying not to get blown to pieces by the mines.

The game does feature some power ups such as, mine detectors which allow you to uncover large areas of the minefield at once. It’s pretty helpful when you are stuck in a rut and don’t know where the location of the next mine is. You even have access to a shotgun and bombs which allows you to bring carnage and mayhem to the undead. The downside is that they have limited availability which gives the game an added layer of strategy. Do you choose to run or shoot? Knowing when to use each tactic will play a huge role in your survival. You get a glowing flower once you reach the end of a round. You can set traps to take out the animal zombies. You can place a flag which can help you avoid the mines. Although there is a timer the game isn’t timed so you don’t need to worry about racing against the clock. As you progress you can see the percentage of your completion once you get to a certain point. You must restart the round from the beginning if you die. That gives the game an added level of challenge.

As far as game type options are concerned you have only have two options: Speed Play and Puzzle Play. Speed Play places the emphasis more towards zombies and power ups while still throwing in a few mines. Puzzle Play places the emphasis on a larger number of mines while managing to throw in lesser zombies and power ups. There are a total of 8 levels with each mode containing 4 levels. It would have been nice to have more modes of play along with more levels. However, random placement of mines keeps things interesting and fun.

The graphics have a simple art style to them while still managing to look pretty good. The girl and animal zombies look good even with the simple artistic feel. Character movement is well done. The blood splatter looks pretty good. Even the girl gets covered in blood when attacking the zombies. The game actually has a cell shaded look to it and it fits in with the game’s theme.

The audio is perfect for the game because it does a great job of mixing slow music and fast paced music together. The music is relaxing while you are trying to figure out a puzzle. When the action the ramps up so does the music and it gives the player a boost of adrenaline. The sound of both the shotgun and the explosions are well done. The audio package is pretty good overall.

 Zombie Minesweeper A Love Story is an exciting and very fun game that I really enjoyed. It is challenging as well. It brought back memories of playing the classic Minesweeper while managing to give to give players a really well done update. I enjoyed the various types of animal zombies. The limited availability of the shotgun and bombs added an extra layer of strategy to the game. It would have been nice if there were more levels and game modes. I hope a future update will include even more animal zombies and maybe even some human zombies. The graphics have a nice cell shaded art style to them. The audio was pretty good. Zombie Minesweeper A Love Story is one of the best iPhone app games that I have played. Anyone looking for a great game should not miss out on playing this update to the original classic.

  • Ashke

    The iPhone version of this game is totally different than you’ve described here. This describes the version on Kongregate.