Call of Duty: Black Ops Resurrection Map Pack Coming Soon

Guess what? Another Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC pack is coming your way!

Come 23rd August Activision will be taking another $15 out of your wallet for an all new Zombie Moon level and Four re-mastered levels of Zombie lore in the Resurrection Map Pack.

It’s hasn’t, however, got any multiplayer maps on it – just Zombies. So if you’re not a big Zombies fan then this isn’t quite your cup of tea.

The official release date is August 23rd on Xbox Live for 1200 MS points, with Playstation3 and PC getting it at a later date.

  • Senskrad

    Is this real?If so…I feel sorry for the hardened and prestige edition buyers.

    • Teufelhund

      Why, they get everything other than the 4 old school maps for free. Also, the way “Der Reise” is spelled, it translates to “The travel”. It’s actually supposed to be “Der Riese” (The Giant).


    Not really they get this pack for free virtually
    since they already have the 4 original maps, they get Moon for free as well as the 360 theme

  • C man

    But the maps are remastered and they all have pack-a-punch and the new power-ups so its technically better for people like me who bought the PRESTIGE EDITION!!!!

  • C man

    also we get a soundtrack a theme and its not virtually free its 100% free of charge

  • joe

    dumbass people who got prestige and hardened edition get the theme, soundtrack and map moon for free

  • whiteboy

    There is no multiplayer maps?

  • kye

    has any 1 downloaded them yet