Blobster iPhone Review


There have been several games in the past that have had blobs as the main characters such as Blob, De Blob and World of Goo. They were pretty successful and were able to create unique gaming experiences. Recently there has been another game that is sure to get a great deal of attention and it is called Blobster. It’s brought to you by Chillingo, the same company that offered the addicting Angry Birds games. Is this latest release a sweet success or a sticky mess? Read the review to find out.

Blobster is a game that manages to combine simplicity and complexity throughout its various levels. You control a blob and in doing so you have your main objectives such as collecting gems and reaching a tube to complete a level. Various power ups are helpful in getting past the game’s obstacles such as blobs, water, escalators, etc. Blobster is one of those games that can be played through in short bursts or in a two-hour sitting.

You control the blob by using a side scrolling mechanic and moving from left to right. Time is not a factor however; the game does keep track of how long you spend in a level. Each level has its specific mechanic such as, a life-preserver which enables you to move while in water or gears which enable you to squeeze and push your blob through. The game does get more difficult but it never gets frustrating.

The controls are as simple as they get for an iPhone game. You need to touch the side of the screen in order to move. In order to jump you need to touch the blob and pull it in the opposite direction then shoot it forward. The actions must be performed together which takes some time getting used to but it eventually becomes second nature. The game features a tilt option which was used in Air Penguin. It also takes some getting used to but at least you have a choice of which control scheme to utilize.

As far as the graphics go the game looks pretty and is colorful. It is really lighthearted and it makes you feel like you are watching a cartoon show. Enemies also look good and are lighthearted. The story is told through a comic strip which works well with the game’s style. The animation of the blob, the enemies and the environments are all well done. The graphics aren’t complicated but still remain charming.

For some reason the game doesn’t have any music. I think it would have given the game some added personality. The sound effects are pretty good. Like the graphics they aren’t complicated and they are still charming.

Blobster is a game that anyone can pick up and player whether it’s a child, a teenager or an adult. It’s really fun and gets more difficult as the player progresses while never being frustrating. The controls while simple do take some time getting used. It is fun trying to collect the gems in each level. The graphics are nice and charming. It would have been nice to have some music in the game. The sound effects work well. It’s a fun game with a lot of personality and for $0.99 it’s definitely worth the purchase.