Video game victory in the supreme court

For the popular medium of video games, today that can embrace victory. The war between Brown and the Entertainment Merchants Association was settled on Monday within the boundaries of the Supreme court. The vote against the proposed law that states violent video games should not be sold to minors has been defeated with seven votes against and ten for the ruling. The supreme court ruling quoted that ‘the act forbidding sale or rental of violent games to minors does not comport with the First Amendment.’ The supreme court went on to say that violent video game exposure does not have a proven harmful effect on children’s behaviour. In the court’s ruling, Justice Antonin Scalia wrote,  “As a means of assisting concerned parents, it is seriously over-inclusive because it abridges the First Amendment rights of young people whose parents who think that violent video games are a harmless pastime.”

The law was originally suggested in 2005 by California State Senator Leland Yee who today claims that the supreme court ruled in favour of large retail stores such as Wal-Mart. He went on to say they will ”analyse the desicion” then decide whether an appeal would account for a better result. Game developers have responded to the court’s ruling such as Cliff Bleszinski, the designer behind Gears of War, who said that he was ‘thrilled’ at the supreme court ruling.