Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Details, through an unconfirmed source has posted details about MW3. Keep in mind none of this is confirmed, and Robert Bowling stated “Lots of false Modern Warfare 3 information being reported” via Twitter, so take this with a grain of salt.

That said, the most interesting piece of info, were team perks. No explanation of how they work, other than the entire team must work together in order to obtain them. Supposed perks include: Stopping power, Blast Shield, Health Regen, and Stun protection. This would be interesting, and fits in line with Infinity Wards previous attempts to get players to form a cohesive team.

The standard perks reported: Blind Eye, Assassin, Dead silence, Point guard, and Recon. No word on any perks from Black Ops, but the source stated some perks from MW2 would make a return.

Finally, the source outed some of the new Killstreaks- An EMP Grenade, which would take out any electronics in a given radius.

The Littlebird, an RC helicopter, likely an answer to the RC-XD from Black ops.

Precision Airstrike, will make a comeback, as will Stealth Bomber, though no word on if they function the same way.

Remote Turret, a remote control turret. Again this could be the same as the sentry turret, or a player controlled version.

Directional UAV, A UAV that can be directed into a specific area.

Remote mortar, Call in a mortar strike on designated area.

Airdrop trap, Likely a booby-trapped care package.

Ammo Drop, A re-supply drop.

Escort Airdrop, Call in a care package with protection.

Specialist Strike Package, ? no word on this one.

Again none of this is confirmed, and even if its true now, who knows how things will end up in the final game.