Cut The Rope Review


Phone app games have been immensely popular recently due to their graphics, addictive gameplay and simple control mechanics. Another reason why they are so popular is because of their simplicity. Anyone can pick can up a phone app game and can have fun playing it. Recent phone app games have featured birds as the main character or characters. In come Chillingo and Zeptolab with their latest offering in Cut the Rope. Instead of birds you have a cute monster named Om Nom. The trailer looked very promising but is Cut the Rope a good game? Read the review to find out.

The game’s story is pretty simple; there is a strange box that appears at your door which contains a little monster called Om Nom. On the box it says feed him with candy. You cut the rope to feed the candy to the little monster. Cutting the rope is done by using your finger and and it is all about perfect timing. It is a pretty creative gameplay mechanic that works really well. Levels start off pretty easy but soon enough the challenge kicks in. The game never gets to the point of frustration but it does get harder and will require the player to act quickly. Soon you will encounter spiders, spiked objects, electricity and other hazards which increase the game’s difficulty.

Your score is based on the number of stars that you acquire in each level.  Feeding Om Nom the candy is the main objective and there are several ways to complete each level. You have the option of skipping the levels as well. There are 4 boxes, each with 25 levels. The 4 boxes that are in the game are as follows: Cardboard Box, Fabric Box, Foil Box and Gift Box. More levels will be added later. Each box has its challenges. You unlock the various boxes by collecting each level’s stars. Cut the Rope is one those games that makes you want to keep playing due to its addictive gameplay. Getting 3 stars can be challenging at times but it sure is worth it. There are instances when you have a certain amount of time in order to obtain the stars within a level before they disappear which bumps up the game’s difficulty. Quick reflexes are important in order to succeed. Other mechanisms are used such as a bubble and an air pump. The bubble contains the candy and will cause it to float in an upward direction. Other times the bubble will be attached to a rope. Air pumps affect the movement of the candy while it is in the bubble. You can access the Game Center and the Crystal network to view the leaderboards and awards that you have won.

The rope is stationary early on but later you will utilize sliders that give you the ability to move the ropes. A piece of candy can be inside of a bubble while attached to a slider and you have to manuever accordingly. You will even utilize wheels that when spinned fast can loosen or tighten the rope’s grip. Things can get pretty hectic later on as you utilize many of the games mechanics together in hopes of getting the candy to Om Nom. The puzzles are really clever and never get dull. The game’s learning curve isn’t too difficult but it does keep you on your toes.

The game looks pretty good and it is very colorful. Om Nom looks really cute and moves very smoothly. Even things such as spiders look really charming. Items such as the air pump and the bubble give the game some extra charm. The backgrounds are colorful and detailed. When a level is about to load it shows a box being taped. When you are about to start a level it shows a box being cut open with a knife. It’s a neat effect that works really well. Everything comes together to create a polished looking game.

The audio is also pretty good and is very relaxing. The sound that air pump makes is pretty good. Om Nom sounds cute whether or not he gets his candy. The soundtrack blends in really well with the game and its lighthearted nature.  You do have the option to turn the music on or off if you choose to do so because the music tracks do get repetitive. It would have been nice if there were more music tracks.

Cut the Rope is a fun and enjoyable game that anybody can pick up and play. It gets challenging but never frustrating. The gameplay mechanics are clever. The puzzles are well thought out. The game looks good and is very colorful. The audio is pretty good. It features an adorable little monster. Getting 3 stars will make you want to keep coming back. It has a lot of charm and personality. It’s one of the best phone app games around and it’s also a game that I really enjoyed playing.

  • RJ

    I must say this game so addicting I must say some levels doesnt need a thinking cap some are just impossible to get perfect stars.