WoW Enhancement Shaman – 5 Strategies To Use In Battle

Are you using a WoW enhancement shaman? If you are, then you know that they have the potential to really kick butt. Each of the abilities in the tree will make them tougher in combat and give them better and better defense skills.

Even though these are great you must learn how to fight with skill.  Fighting with skill means that you need to use the right techniques against the right opponent. Let’s now go on and look at 5 strategies to use in battle against 5 of the other classes that are in WoW.

1.The Mage

It is important to Earthbind them so that they will stop kiting you. Dropping a grounding totem should be done as well. Keep using purge, frost shock them and go at it. You must engage them quickly and kill them quickly with purge and windflurry. If you allow a Mage to kite you too much, you are done for.

2. The Hunter

It is best to start off with purge. Like the Mage you have to keep them close so that you can win. The best to use for this battle is the PVP trinket.

Don’t get off your mount until you are right on top of them. As you dismount hit them with a frost shock and the Earthbind totem. If a hunter jumps on you just throw up a Wind Wall totem right away so that you can survive. Using your grounding totem will absorb their traps.

3. The Priest

Use a tremor totem right away so that you can defend against their fear. You need to purge them out of all of their buffs as well. The most important thing is that you remember to give the Priest a serious beating and interrupt them from healing by using Earthshock. You will be able to take this sucker out pretty quickly if your timing is right. Windfurry is also great to use against Priests and you can stop most of the Priests from running away by using Earthbind on them.

4. The Paladin

The best thing that you can do is use purge on the Paladins right away. You need to be buffed up to the max with agility and strength totems. You will be able to knock down their armor some by using fire enchant. The key strength of a Paladin is their buffs so make sure you purge them like crazy.

5. The Warrior

Now the Warrior is the toughest competition for Enhancement Shamans. You need to watch out for the big 2-handed weapon carrying ones that have tons of stun. You should use purge early on in the battle and a tremor totem. If you want some extra use a stoenskin totem too. I do not suggest taking them on with hand to hand combat. You should kite them like crazy with frost shock and Earthbind. However, do not get too far away or they will intercept you and this will be the end.

This was a guest post by Jared Lonzer. If you’d like to read more of his work, you can check out his blog and read his posts about the latest WoW Quest Helper, choosing between the different WoW Quests and other many other World of Warcraft topics.

  • Frost mage

    well i’m not sure about the other classes, but against frost mage (my fav class and build) something may go wrong with kiting ;) sure there are many different playstyles but cmon i’m not sure that enh shamy can win in this case. Anyway there are always good players both sides.