Wii Play Motion coming June 13

On June 13, 2011, Nintendo will release Wii Play Motion. Wii Play has seemed to be a success, with over 10 Million Copies Sold. The Wii Play Motion  game, and a Wii Remote Plus will cost $50. Seeing that controllers are going down to almost $30, this unorthodox price seems to push it right out of your shopping cart. I think the game will do fine, but not like the other Wii Titles. Out of all the Wii Titles I have played, I would agree that anything published by Nintendo seems to be designed better. I’m sure some will say differently, but I like the Nintendo games. Wii “Something” games have been great games, and I am sure this one will have great games also. I have also purchased Wii Music, but it was not the best Wii game I have played. Actually, it was the worst game I have played. Wii Play Motion looks like a great game, but is it everything it is hyped up to be? We can only wait. Wii Play Motion will include twelve games:

Wind Runner
Grappling Ghosts
Teeter Targets
Veggie Guardin’
Trigger Twist
Skip Skimmer
Star Shuttle
Flutter Fly
Cone Zone
Treasure Twirl
Jump Park
Pose Mii Plus

It looks like just a bunch of Mini-Games. With a remote costing around $30, this game is selling for $20. Not bad, but in previous titles, like Wii Play, the game prices were $10. In Fling Smash, normally selling for $20, they pretty much give you the game free and give you a discounted remote.

Here are some screenshots and the official trailer.