Tiny Wings Review

Phone app games have seen a lot of success over the past couple of years due to their simple controls and their easy to pick up and play mechanics. It all started with Angry Birds, a game that dominated the game app market. Another game has gotten a lot of praise recently and has gained a lot of popularity. That game is called Tiny Wings. It’s a great game but can it soar above the competition to become the next Angry Birds? Read the review to find out!

Birds love to soar and fly. That couldn’t be closer from the truth in regards to Tiny Wings. The game was created by German video game developer Andreas Illiger and was released for the iOS. It’s a game that has garnered a lot of positive reviews and success since it was released. Some people are already saying that it’s even better than Angry Birds. Give credit when it’s due. Tiny Wings has been at the top of App store and deservedly so.

The game’s character is a no named feathery friend. It’s a happy bird that has only one dream and that is to fly. With such tiny wings hence the name of the title, our little friend has to find a different way to soar into the sky. Fortunately, the world he’s in has a lot of hills that allow to him to fulfill his dream. Of course, he’s going to need momentum along the way.

Momentum is a big part of the game’s mechanics. In order for our feathered friend to do a nose dive you press on the screen. Timing is another key element of the game. If done at the right time you can use the downward slopes to get increased speed. You can also fly for a lengthier period of time. Our feathered friend will slow down upon landing on an upward slope or as a result of a mistimed nose dive. Getting perfect nose dives and smooth flights is what makes the game challenging. You also have to deal with the night. If the night catches up with you its game over. The little bird goes back to sleep and you get your score.

A single button is all that’s needed to play the game but the challenge is there as I mentioned before. The animations are crisp. The game’s physics work really well. There are several power-ups that you can get along the way. A certain power-up gives you a speed boost while another will add more daytime. You also collect coins along the way as well. Your main objective will be to get our feathery friend flying so fast so that he escapes the night and in the result getting a high score. Even without extras or multiplayer the game is still very exciting and fun to play. Completing objectives gives you score multipliers. In Tiny Wings it’s called upgrading your nest.

The game’s graphics are light-hearted and pleasing to the eye. Everything is very colorful and bright. The game uses what is called procedural graphics. That means every time you play the game you will never see the same thing again. Even if two people are playing side by side what each player sees on the screen will be different. The transition from night to-day and from one level to the next is very well done. Sometimes simplicity in a game’s graphics isn’t good. In Tiny Wings simplicity works really well.

The game’s audio is really good as well. Its nothing overly complicated but it does the job very well. The music that plays is really relaxing and calming. The sounds that the bird makes are really cute and adorable.

Tiny Wings is a fun and enjoyable game to play. It’s cute and adorable. It is also challenging as well. Timing is a part of the challenge that the game has to offer. Getting a high score is very gratifying. There may not be any extras or multiplayer but with a game this fun it doesn’t matter. The graphics are colorful and pleasing. The music is relaxing. I think it has what it takes to soar above the competition as far as phone app games are concerned. It’s definitely a game that’s worth picking up.