Review – Roxio Game Capture

For a long bit there pinnacle’s video recorder, meant  for transferring DVDs, was the most popular device for capturing gameplay videos. Now that most gamers are refusing to play in SD, some have moved on to other, more complicated methods. The new Roxio Game Capture device aims to offer an easy way to record your console gameplay while playing in full HD (1080i.)


What’s in the box?

The Game Capture come with the USB hardware capture device, component video cable, component audio, and a USB cable.


Setting up the device is about as easy as you can get. A Component AV cable goes from your console to the Roxio Game Cap. You’ll need to use the included USB cord to connect the capture device to your PC. Now, technically, if you’re doing something that makes the second or so lag you see on your PC preview screen irrelevant, you can stop here. If not, another component cable needs to go from the capture card to the TV.

 Included Software

I can sum my thoughts on the included editing software,VideoWave , in two sentences. If your new to editing video, you will like it. If you’re an editing pro with an established workflow, you will hate it.

Onto the capture software. The included software for capturing is fairly basic. You can encode your videos in AVI, WMV, DivX, or MP4. Screenshots can be saved in the JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP or GIF formats. Actually recording the gameplay is as easy as setting a fixed time limit to record or recording until you hit stop. You can use any of your connected audio inputs to record live commentary. And finally, brightness, sharpness, contrast, hue, and saturation can all be tweaked to reach your desired look.

While the programs game preview mode is not lag free (as promoted), it’s half second-ish response does beat the lag of most of its competitors. Unfortunately, there is no full screen option for the preview window at the time of this review. Once your done capturing and editing the video, the software allows you to directly upload the footage to Facebook or Youtube. roxio-4

 The Verdict

Overall the Roxio Game Cap makes for a nice option to record gameplay–as long as your doing it on a budget. The only issue I have with it–and it’s a somewhat major one, especially if your looking to become the next Blame Truth– is that while it allows you to play in HD, it only records in 480p.Saying that, the Game Capture is half the price of most competitors, so we’re guessing this is aimed at more of a hobbyist crowd. If your looking for an affordable way to get videos of you pwning kids in COD out there, Roxio’s Game Capture is a great choice.

Those looking to record in HD but still want the  simplicity of the Raxio Game Capture might want to sit tight. With most of the market moving towards HD video capture, I wouldn’t be surprised to Roxio release a slightly more expensive model in the next few months. This review is based on a review unit of the Roxio Game Capture provided by Roxio.

This review is based on a retail unit  provided by Roxio.