Portal 2 Review

Portal 2 Review

Portal 2 is a combination of first person shooter elements and puzzle solving. The first Portal was particularly special to the gaming community for its uniqueness, replay ability, and puzzle solving aspects. The first games dialogue was unique and helped a story telling aspect and built an environment we could not all help but love. How does the 2nd live up to the first? Lets find out.


The gameplay is very much of the same first person perspective, puzzle-solving goodness that we remember from Portal. There have been many new elements of gameplay to help the gamer solve puzzles and play on their platform of choice.

The PS3 copy I purchased also came with an available download of the game from steam of either Mac OS X (10.6.6 or greater) or PC users.  I downloaded the Mac OS X copy and was informed I was able to start my game on either system and move my save freely between the two via steam.  Although, this feature is currently down along with the multiplayer due to the PSN outage, which is, why multiplayer is omitted from this review.

Some of the aspects of gameplay include the aforementioned steam integration (PS3 only) and some new improvements to puzzle solving such as the addition gels that bounce the player or increase their speed.   These improvements, and mainly I mean the steam integration are a welcome addition to all games and is how many games in the future should be done.

(9 / 10)


The game does not look to great in the graphics department but it does look and run a lot better on the Mac than it does on the PS3.  The engine has not been upgraded too much though since the first game so do not expect to see to much of a graphical difference. Although, I did notice it seemed like textures improved from Portal to Portal 2.

(8 / 10)


The story is simple and typical of that of a sequel and, it stays that way. Until about midway though the game when a twist in the plot puts a different villain in place. That’s all I really can say without spoiling anything for you.

( 8.5 / 10)


Overall, I’m disappointed that the engine did not see to much of an upgrade. The new dialogue and fun settings were enough to bring the game back into good graces from just being another sequel to capitalize on success.

(9 / 10)