Nintendo to lower the price of Wii Console

If you are in the market for a Nintendo Wii perhaps waiting until the middle of the month is your best option.  In an attempt to revive sales, Nintendo said it will be cutting the price of its Wii video game console to $149.99 on May 15 and has chopped the prices of some games to $19.99.  The price cut has been rumored for more than a month.  This price cut is an attempt by the Nintendo corporation to revive sales of the Wii video game console and make it more affordable for people who don’t want to pay upwards of $300 for a video game console.  The cut I believe is also going to bring some non gamers to the gaming world because the price of the Wii system is now lowered and the Wii is a good introduction to video games as a whole.

The lower-priced Wii will include a black or white Wii, a Wii motion-sensing remote, and a copy of the Mario Kart game with a black or white steering wheel. Previously, the Wii cost $199.99 and was bundled with Wii Sports and Wii Sports resort, both of these games were an excellent addition to the bundle as those games are fun for anyone to play.  This bundle however, is a great deal for anyone looking to perhaps buy a new Wii system to replace an older one or just to have a Wii system to add to other systems they may have.  Mario Kart, with the steering wheel accessory is a very fun and exciting game especially with friends.  The Nintendo Wii has sold more than 86 million consoles.  In the past year, Nintendo’s sales of the Wii console has been approximately 15 million units, down from 20 million in the previous year. Nintendo expects 13 million Wii’s to sell in the current fiscal year that ends March 31, 2012.  At this price point for a system that has a great selection of games for adults and kids alike I would say that their expectations are not far off the mark.