Kirby's Epic Yarn Review

Kirby has been a successful video game franchise for a while now. He has appeared on several gaming consoles such as the Nintendo DS, GameCube, Game Boy, Nintendo 64 and most recently on the Nintendo Wii. Kirby’s Epic Yarn is the first Kirby game to be released on the Wii console and is developed by Good-Feel. I really enjoyed playing many of the previous games in the series so I was definitely excited to see what the latest iteration had to offer. Is Kirby’s latest outing a tightly woven piece of yarn or does this piece of yarn unravel? Read the review to find out.

The story is pretty simple but it fits into the game really well. It is told in a storybook kind of way which blends in well with the game’s theme and style. Kirby discovers a tomato while taking a walk in Dream Land. He eats the tomato which turns out to be a Metatomato. Kirby is then banished by the evil sorcerer Yin-Yarn into Patch Land where everything is made of fabric. Inhaling enemies is no longer possible, instead Kirby is given the ability to transform. He uses his powers to rescue a boy named Prince Fluff who is attacked by a monster. From there on Kirby aids Prince Fluff in collecting all seven pieces of the yarn and restoring Patch Land.

Like several platforming games Kirby’s Epic Yarn has a world map. There are doorways that must be opened in order to go through the game’s levels. A player can get special patches that allow a person to have access to extra doors. A boss stage becomes available upon successfully completing several levels. I really enjoyed the boss stages and found them very creative and fun.

The game does maintain its world map and the ability to access levels via doorways. A major change that was done to the gameplay was removing Kirby’s ability to suck in enemies and using their abilities. Instead, Kirby uses a piece of yarn as a whip. Enemies can be unraveled, grabbed, wrapped in yarn, or carried on his head. They can also be thrown at other enemies as well. Kirby has the ability to transform into many objects such as a car, a parachute, a dolphin, and even a huge tank just to name some of the many shapes that Kirby can take which are impressive and cute.

Each level has a bell at the end of it that must be reached in order to successfully beat a level. There are hidden treasures that are found in each level along with a music CD that gives a player the ability to play the current level’s musical soundtrack. The game features many beads that need to be collected in order to receive a certain level. More beads result in a better medal. Kirby cannot die in the game so instead the game takes a completely different approach by taking away a player’s stars and beads if they get hit by enemies. You can see how many beads you have collected by looking at the top of the screen. Some people complain that the game is too easy because Kirby can’t die. It is true to a certain extent. Trying to get a gold medal without getting hit by enemies is real challenge that perfectionists can truly appreciate. That in itself gives the game added replay value.

This time around the game features a co-op style of play. One player takes control of Kirby and another player takes control of Prince Fluff. Both players can help each other in reaching hard to reach places and in getting hard to get beads or stars. Having a second player makes the game even easier but it also makes an already fun even more exciting.

A player is even given a room that he or she can decorate using collected or purchases items. There are also other rooms that can be decorated for the purpose of attracting tenants. Tenants offer the player special challenges that must be completed in a set time such as getting a certain number of beads. They are mini levels for the most part but they are fun regardless. There is also the ability to take snapshots which can be shared with friends. The game’s controls are intuitive, smooth and very well done. Kirby can’t die but avoiding enemy damage and the loss of beads makes for a challenging game especially when trying to get a gold medal.

For a game that isn’t high definition Kirby’s Epic Yarn sure looks impressive. The game’s levels were rendered in a knitted cloth design. Kirby can pull on buttons, stray threads, and spin balls of yarn to reveal secret areas and he has the ability to change the looks of a landscape. Everything feels so realistic and natural. It’s really impressive the way the characters move. There is no slowdown in the gameplay either. I have played many great looking games in the past and Kirby’s Epic Yarn is right up there with the best of them. Kirby’s Epic Yarn is one of the most attractive looking games that I have seen. Good-feel obviously put a lot of care and effort into the game and it really shows. The game is really cute, adorable and is sure to put a smile on many people’s faces with its unique visuals.

The audio is also solid. The game’s soundtrack is just as solid as the visuals. The music that plays during each level is cute, sweet and very catchy. There isn’t a single tune that I didn’t enjoy listening to. The music mixes in with the gameplay really well. The story is told by a narrator who does go overboard just a bit but he doesn’t hamper the solid audio aspect of the game. The music is relaxing and it makes for a calming experience.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn is one of the most imaginative games that I have ever played. The gameplay is different unlike previous Kirby games but that’s what makes it so appealing. The graphics are absolutely amazing. The audio is catchy and relaxing at the same time. Adding a second player makes things even more fun. Some people get turned off by the inability to die but going for a gold medal will make for a pretty good challenge. It is cute, adorable, calming and is a must have for anyone who wants to play an impressive video game.