Gears of War 3 Beta Impressions

Gears of War 3 Beta Impressions


The Gameplay borrows heavily from the first two games but more so the first than the second. The addition of dedicated servers has helped the multiplayer by leaps and bounds cutting out host advantage all together and bringing the teams to a fair as it can get 5 v 5 match.

New Weapons

The addition of new weapons is something I’ll go over weapon by weapon according to the weapons I’ve used so far:

Digger Launcher: The Digger Launcher is a gun that launches a grenade underground that borrows until it finds your opponent you aimed at, pops up and explodes. This is a hit or miss process because the splash damage, while powerful, isn’t as good as a regular grenade.

Flame Grenades: The Flame Grenades are powerful and a one hit kill when an opponent is close to the explosion, but if they go into the aftermath of the napalm on the ground. The damage is almost nothing.

The Retro Lancer: The Retro Lancer, while an assault rifle is meant for close range combat because when fired in full auto mode it has little to no accuracy.  Although, when an opponent is close it will put them down in about 10 shots, give or take.

The One Shot: The One Shot is the extremely powerful sniper rifle, which kills any enemy in “one shot” hence its name. The way this gun is balanced is the gun gives off a beeping noise and a laser when it is being aimed. The shooter must also be stationary to shoot it, as if shooting a mini-gun or mortar.

Sawn- Off Shotgun: The Sawn-Off is the alternative weapon to the default Gnasher shotgun we’ve all grown accustomed to in the first two games. The Sawn- Off is extremely powerful and at close ranges only needs one shot to kill an enemy. The downfall is that it only holds one shot and takes four seconds to reload.

Hammerburst: I know what you’re thinking, and it’s “the hammerburst isn’t a new gun. N00B.” I’m aware, but this hammerbust is all new and improved. It has the ability to shoot full auto or semi auto depending on how you hold the stick.

So, overall I’m very impressed with the beta and with just a week to go it looks like the final game is shaping to be amazing.  Good job to the guys at Epic for making the call to delay this game and make it the amazing experience it turned out to be because of the delay.