Crysis 2 Review

Crysis 2The original Crysis was released back in 2007 and set the bar for FPS games in terms of gameplay and graphics. It received a lot of praise which came at a great price because even high-end PC systems suffered due to the high requirements needed to run the game. Its jungle setting provided for some jawdropping visuals. Its sequel Crysis 2 shifts the setting to a large city. Is jumping into the Nanosuit worth it the second time around? Read the review to find out!

Crysis 2 takes place in the year 2023 in which New York City is under attack by a Ceph alien invasion. You take control of a super solider called Alcatraz. It’s up to you to put at end to the destructive aliens. To make things worse there is a huge viral outbreak that is wiping out entire areas. There is also a major struggle between a private corporation named Crynet and the military. Things fall apart quickly and the intense chaos ensues. It’s safe to say that New York City has seen better days.

Enemy AI is generally pretty good though there are times when an enemy will stand and do nothing when he sees you. The Campaign takes between 8-10 hours to complete. There are times when there are various ways of completing objectives but the game still remains linear when compared to the original Crysis. The Nanosuit makes an appearance once again. It allows the player to jump to great heights. You can even go invisible buy using its cloak ability. You can even scan areas for enemies and weapon containers using your Visor. Your armor can be strengthened via a boost. The Nanosuit is a big part of who you are as a solider but that also means that the enemies in the game want the Nanosuit as well and they are willing to take you out for it. There is no way to manually save your progress. Instead, the game saves your progress via a checkpoint system. I wouldn’t have minded the checkpoint system if it was available more often. The Ceph aliens are more challenging than they were in the original Crysis. This time around they are faster, stronger and are equipped with better weapons.

The game can be played via the keyboard and mouse combination. Whenever I play an action based game or FPS such as Crysis 2 I like to use the keyboard and mouse combo. It works really for the most part. It feels very intuitive and smooth using the WASD for movements. The mouse works really well for aiming and shooting enemies.  C allows you to crouch. E enables the cloak ability. V is used to perform a melee attack.  Left Shift is used for sprinting. The Space bar is used to jump. F is used for grabbing an enemy or for throwing an object. B is used to activate the visor. Q is used to activate the suit armor. I don’t know if Crysis 2 supports the use of a controller like a PC controller or XBOX 360 controller so I can’t comment on that.

Crysis 2 was created using the CryEngine3 and its visuals look amazing. Those looking forward to playing the game won’t have to deal with the insane requirements needed to run the original. Still, a pretty good PC is required in order to play the game. Crysis 2 was released for the PS3 as well as the XBOX 360. Some have gotten upset because the original was a PC exclusive. Having the game released across several platforms making things a little more manageable. The Nanosuit looks really good. Character models are very detailed. Water effects look really impressive. Even the aliens themselves feature impressive detail. Explosions look equally as impressive. The game features slick cutscenes and set pieces. The game looks sharp but the PC version doesn’t offer much in terms of being able to tweak the graphics with the exception of screen resolution and quality settings. I really wished there was patch that could allow players to make further tweaks to the game’s visuals. I don’t know why Crysis 2 didn’t have support for Direct X 11. Its 2011 and a lot of games that have been released have had Direct X 11 support. It’s a shame because the game could have benefited from it.  One thing that did bother me was the blur effect I get when I move the camera angle. It’s especially annoying during the game’s driving sections. It is really amazing at everything that is happening on the screen at the same time. Birds will fly when they see you approach them. Alien dropships leave behind an eerie shadow. Buildings fall apart in an impressive manner. The attention to detail is something to behold.

Crysis 2 features a solid audio package. The voice acting is pretty good although not great. Hans Zimmer, Borislav Slavov and Tilman Sillescu contributed to the game’s soundtrack and it is absolutely amazing. It’s safe to say that Crysis 2 has one of the most impressive scores that I have heard in a video game. The music that plays during the game’s intense moments is truly the topping on the cake for me. Weapons have a convincing and loud thump to them. Explosions and destruction sound as visceral as ever. The game even has support for a surround sound setup and those with that capability are in for a real treat.

Like I mentioned before those looking forward to play Crysis 2 won’t need to have an insane PC system to run the game. However, better hardware means better performance. My system isn’t a high-end gaming system but with the recent upgrades that I’ve made to it have allowed me to play high-end games. These are my system specs: Pentium 4 Dual Core, 2.80 GHz processor, 3.25 GB DDR2 RAM, 500 GB HD, PNY Geforce GT 220 1 GB memory and Windows XP 32 Bit, Service Pack 3. I selected the second detail quality setting Ultra High when playing the game. I am running the game on a 24 inch Samsung Syncmaster 2343 monitor with a screen resolution of 2048 x 1152. The game runs very smooth without a single glitch.

Rounding out Crysis 2’s engaging Campaign mode is its multiplayer aspect. You have your ranking system, the ability to unlock weapons and the ability to customize. Crysis 2’s customization ability and rewards experience is what sets its multiplayer apart from other FPS games. Multiplayer features numerous servers that offer various options for those looking for a challenging gaming experience. You can have up to 16 players, 8 vs. 8. You have your Death Match, King of the Hill and players can even unlock a slightly different version of Capture the Flag. As a player you have the option of how you want to utilize the Nanosuit according to the maps in which you’re participating in. You can also gain experience points which allow for leveling up. Multiplayer is a very satisfying experience that will last for a long time.

Crysis 2 is a great game with a pretty good story. The game’s visuals are very impressive without the need for insane system requirements. The game has an impressive score. The voice work is decent. Having the game setting in New York City brings the game to an even larger scale. The gameplay is solid with some AI quirks. The game’s blur effect is annoying but it doesn’t hinder the solid gameplay. The Nanosuit is back and is better than ever. Multiplayer is solid the second time around. The game could have had more options to tweak the graphics. The checkpoint system could have been improved. Still, Crysis 2 could very well be the game of the year. It’s the one of the best games around. Anyone looking for a solid experience should not miss out on playing it.