Air Penguin Review

People who own an iPhone or iPad must have the Avian Flu or Bird Flu with all the bird themed games that have been released recently. It all started with Angry Birds, which was followed by Angry Birds Rio, Tiny Wings and most recently Air Penguin. Air Penguin differs from previous bird themed games because the game takes place in the Antarctic and it also uses the tilt mechanism. Does Air Penguin soar or does it fall flat? Read the review to find out!

Birds have been at the top of the phone app store and Air Penguin is no different. You take control of a non-named Penguin who must save his family from melting ice glaciers due to Global Warming. Air Penguin was created by Korean video game developer Enterfly and was published by Gamevil. Our little hero can’t swim. Instead, he must bounce from one ice glacier to another. He can also ride on top of sea turtles. There are times when he can fly as well. He must also avoid the various sea creatures that will get in his way such as, sharks, swordfish, walrus, etc.

The game works by using the tilt mechanism. It allows for the ability to land on one solid ice glacier to the next. You will come across large pieces of ice that you must land on which allow you to slide on. You tilt from side to side trying to avoid holes in the ice, sea creatures, or by landing on a sea turtle. You can’t stay on an ice glacier for a long time because it will break really fast. There are other ice glaciers that are already cracked which means you can’t bounce on them at all. It does take some time getting used to the tilt mechanism but after a while it becomes second nature.

There are five goldfish that can be collected before reaching the end of a level. You can play until the end of the level without collecting the fish but that takes away some of the challenge. One fish might require you to bounce in the air to grab it. Another fish will require you to make a precise bounce in order to obtain it. I think that really adds to game’s challenge. The game starts off easy. You even get instructions on what to do early on. The later stages offer a pretty good challenge difficulty wise. Collecting fish is critical because they allow you to jump out of the water and continue on. They also give you the ability to stun sharks or slow down flying swordfish. The in-game store allows you to purchase additional fish. I guess Enterfly figured it could charge money for small content since the game only costs $0.99. They found another way to make more money which I don’t agree with.

The game has two modes of play: Story and Survival. In Story mode you must make your way to the end to save your family from the melting ice glaciers. This is the game’s main draw. Survival mode has your little hero go as far as possible. You will come across some advanced feature sets such as, using the penguin’s feet as propeller while flying long distances. You can even hold your iPhone or iPad upside down which adds a unique addition to the game. The game does take timing, rhythm, and some pretty good coordination as well.

The game’s graphics look pretty good. They are cartoon-like but they add some charm and light-heartedness to the game. The water effects are pretty good especially for a phone app game. The various sea creatures look really good and are very adorable to go along with our Penguin hero. I have only played the game for a bit and even in that short time span the game’s graphics have given me the ability to relax. Recent phone app games look pretty good and Air Penguin is no different.

Air Penguin is a casual game that is very fun. Anyone can just pick it up and play it. The game has a pretty good story. The tilt mechanism will take some time getting used to but it becomes second nature after a while. The graphics look pretty good and are light-hearted. The game does become challenging in the later levels. Getting five fish in each level adds to the game’s challenge. I don’t think it’s the next Angry Birds but it is a great game regardless. The game has an adorable and likable hero. Anyone who loves a fun game should play Air Penguin.