Start up the Sonic cycle again!

Sega has finally announced the next upcoming Sonic title for the blue hedgehog’s 20th anniversary entitled “Sonic Generation”. Releasing a promotional trailer and a gameplay video, the Sonic Team is once again trying to give a new rebirth to the little blue blur, with a twist involved. As shown in the videos, the modern Sonic of today is running side by side with the classic Sonic of the Genesis days. Yes, you heard right! Two Sonics! And with two hedgehogs from two different era’s come two different styles of gameplay. The 90’s Sonic will bring back the classic 2D style gameplay while the modern one will bring his 3D format with him. Considering what was shown in the gameplay footage, both show a lot of hope and expectations for die-hard Sonic fans. But as most of us have known in the past for Sonic’s ups and downs, we should wait till the final product is finished. The game has been announced to release sometime this winter for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Here are links of the two videos posted on YouTube. Sonic Generation TeaserSonic Generation Gameplay Trailer