Red Faction: Armageddon

It’s hard for me to contain my enthusiasm for anything related to Red Faction. After all, the original Red Faction taught me how to play FPS games, albeit with some wonky GoldenEye 64-esque controls. That is until my best friend wouldn’t stop ridiculing me for being different. I remember spending countless school nights and weekends tucked away in his basement, back when online multiplayer was still in its infancy, burrowing holes into walls, hoping to hide from the bots and each other. We very quickly discovered that Red Faction’s highly touted GeoMod technology did in fact have a limit and we decided that a match wasn’t a success unless we had reached that limit. We knew this series would end up with a sequel and couldn’t wait to see what it delivered. That is until it was delivered.

Enter Red Faction 2. Any fan of the series will tell you that, despite the decent reviews from IGN and GameSpot, the highly anticipated sequel to one of the best shooters around was nothing less than a fresh turd on a hot day. The game didn’t even feel like a true Red Faction game. The story had nothing to do with Mars, the GeoMod had all but been taken out, and the multiplayer lacked the polish of it’s predecessor, with the exception of duel wielding. Volition has even said in so many words, “Let’s just pretend Red Faction 2 never happened.”

At the time I was sure that one of my favorite FPS franchises was going to be taken out back, shot and buried in an unmarked grave. For 7 years I would occasionally pop in my old beat up copy of Red Faction, play a few rounds of bot-slaughter and relish in my old high school memories. Then ‘it’ was announced, Red Faction: Guerrilla. I thought it was a joke, much like the infamous Duke Nukem: Forever joke of the past decade. However, a joke it was not and my wife bought it for me as a wedding gift. That’s how much I like Red Faction!

For some reason I missed (not intentionally) the announcement of Red Faction Armageddon entirely. That is, until I was in San Diego with my wife celebrating our first wedding anniversary last July and saw this.

I stopped the car in the middle of the road, in front of a packed ComiCon convention center, leaned out the window and snapped that photo while attempting to contain myself. There must be something about my wedding date and Red Faction that are intrinsically connected, but I don’t mind!

All I know is that Red Faction: Armageddon is set to release on the PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows between May 31st and June 3rd.

After watching the official E3 trailer about a bagillion times, I have to say that I feel Volition is back on track with the series and including some incredibly cool features to stay ahead of the curve in a constantly bending industry.

  • stoner boner

    But Armageddon is too linear and doesn’t support Red Faction’s main theme: Rebellion, so no it’s not good.

    And the dear blogger should shut the fuck up about Red Faction 2. I mean you may not consider it a true RF game but don’t talk shit about old ass games and compare them to newer ones. You don’t like it, so what? We don’t give a shit.