Portal 2 PC Review

The first Portal game brought several surprises with it. The first-person puzzle based gameplay was different and unusual. It also made for a unique gaming experience. The game’s jokes were really funny. The game was short but it was great nonetheless. The game featured a villainous robot named GLaDOS that somehow managed to be delightful. It had a well written story. Valve had some pressure on its shoulders when making the game’s sequel. Is Portal 2 worth jumping into? Read the review to find out.

Portal 2 features a larger world to explore than that of the original Portal. The story is even better the second time around. Characters have more depth to them. The game maintains its sarcasm and witty personality despite carrying a much more serious tone than that of the original game. The game’s dark humor is consistent and it never becomes stale. There are times when players will be frustrated trying to figure puzzles but there is bound to be as much laughter and humor as there is frustration. The Aperture Science facility is a unique place to be in.

You still play in third-person view as Chell. You eventually meet a sphere-shaped robot named Wheatley who offers some help early on. Wheatley is voiced by Stephen Merchant. He clearly put a lot of effort into the voice work and it really shows. It’s easy to tell that he was really excited because his dialog is so well done. It is charming, clever and witty. It blends into the game very well. The dialog is just as important as the game’s puzzles. The comments that GLaDOS makes is also very well done. Staring at the screen is well worth it just to hear each character’s voice work.

The game’s graphics are not jaw dropping but they still look good. The attention to detail is impressive. The way the room falls apart at the beginning is so well done. Mechanical arms, wall plates shift and move. The game features some unsettling test rooms as well. Structures break and smash into each other in such crazy ways. It is done not only to attract the player but it is also done to add to the game’s understanding and to what is going on. Portal 2’s main attraction will never be the visuals but the game still looks pretty good despite using the same technology that was used since Half-Life 2.

The game’s story is of much more significance the second time around. However, solving puzzles still plays a major role. The game’s feature’s a pretty good learning curve early on before throwing challenging puzzles at the player later in the game. You still have access to the portal gun which comes with a few changes. The portal gun can shoot two linked portals that you can and an object can pass through. In order to progress through the game you will need to redirect beams of energy, coat surfaces with gel, pass gaping pits with bridges of light, and manipulate tractor beams. Quick thinking and quick reactions are necessary before time runs out.

The puzzles range from easy to challenging but they never seem impossible. A certain puzzle might be easily figured out while another will have you thinking really hard. The game does a great job of giving you clues on what to do without making you feel like giving up. There are times when multiple aspects are mixed together. It makes the game an even better experience. If I messed up I knew it was solely my fault and not the game’s fault. It was simply a matter of thinking things through.

Portal 2 wouldn’t be complete without multiplayer. The game features a co-operative mode which is really solid. You and another player take control of two robots named Atlas and P-body. It basically continues the story of Aperture Science. The co-operative Mode still features hilarious humor and jokes. Though, there are few characters this time around. Adding a second player into the mix changes the way puzzles are solved in Portal 2. With the addition of a second player comes an increase not only in the degree of challenge but also in ability for the two players to work well together. One person can’t do all the work while the other person waits. Each player has to work in order to progress. Communication is crucial in order to succeed. Markers can be set to indicate where portals need to be placed and where the second player should move. Indicators are very useful in the game.

Portal 2 is an even better game than the original Portal. The game’s visuals while not the most impressive aspect are still an improvement over the original. Its darker tone is a welcomed addition. The characters are even more interesting and have more charm the second time around. The dialog is hilarious, witty and very well done. Its puzzles are challenging and require some thinking but they never seem impossible. Co-operative mode is really well done. There is a larger world to explore. Portal 2 delivers an amazing experience and it is an amazing game.