The Way I see It - The New Portable Age

This year will be the battle of the handhelds. With the NGP out later this year and the 3DS just out, it’s created another competition in the industry.

‘The way I see it’ The NGP will do the best this year, a lot better than the 3DS.

If I had the choice between them, say you said to me; Tim here’s the money to spend on a 2011 portable console and you can buy as many games as you please” I would 100% take the NGP. It’s sleek, it’s got a touch screen and analogue sticks! It’s a win, win – if you ask me.

I’m not a real Nintendo boy, yeah I had a gameboy and the gamecube still has it place in my heart, but it just doesn’t cut it. If the 3DS’ line up was better (Zelda and Starfox at the beginning) I still wouldn’t buy it! It’s just too packaged up for me. And what I mean by that is that they’ve tried to reach out to all the generations, young and old alike. Yeah the pitch works but I don’t think it’s what the true Nintendo fan base wants.

And I think they’ve missed a trick with movies. More and more now, films are out in 3-D. Take children movies for example; Toy Story 3 was one of the summer’s biggest hits. Children loved it, I loved it! They are obviously going for a family friendly child-safe interface and device altogether. Children and families are the main demographic. So why don’t they with their spanky new technology and make something good out of it. – ‘Avatar in your pocket’, that would sell, not ‘see Mario and the gang give you eye damage’.  I’ve loss all faith in Nintendo.

But, I was thinking just the other day, Microsoft need to raise their game. Sony and Nintendo are off in the clouds with dollar signs in their eyes with the prospect of making a killing with their portable devices. I’m sorry the Windows Phone 7 or whatever they call it isn’t good, at all! No one wants to check on their friends or look at your Achievements.  The games are terrible and just aren’t up to shape.

They need a new innovation, something new something fresh. The slim model of the 360 was 2 years too late. They shouldn’t have fluffed around with its Arcade, Premium and Elite packages just give us something that doesn’t produce the same amount of noise as a Jumbo-Jet.

I know Kinect has been the main priority at Microsoft, and it is amazing! All respect to Microsoft in pumping out such an innovative and ground-breaking technology. I do think though that something portable to challenge their rivals is necessary.

I would really like to see Microsoft announcing a new portable device at E3 this year, and I think another competitor in the portable gaming market is a good thing for industry.

And I’m glad that portable gaming is making a comeback. The DS and it’s many variations against the PSP wasn’t a genuine battle, but I feel the NGP and the 3DS is a rivalry that can last and that will see gamers torn.

But we’ve completely left Apple out of the picture!  The Ipad released last April with it’s fancy touch scene and 3G connectivity and just the other month it’s successor the Ipad 2 released to eager fans waiting for an improved version. And of course (unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last two years) fun, interactive, creative new flash games popped up like Rovio’s Angry Birds or Doodle Jump from Lima Sky selling more than 17 million units through Apple’s own App Store.

Unfortunately, how much fun they may be, this may see the end of portable gaming all together.  These type of “facebook games” are taking over a large proportion of the audience and developers feel the need to feed them with these “facebook games”.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying these fun, user-friendly will overthrow gaming itself, rather portable gaming we’ll soon see less real handheld consoles and mobile phones & computer tablets will rule the playground.

So, the way I see it, the NGP will reign supreme whilst Nintendo blinds our children and Steve Jobs kills the industry.