FIFA 11 PC Review

The battle for the best soccer simulation continues between EA Sports and Konami. Pro Evolution Soccer dominated with its early games. Recently FIFA has been the better soccer simulation. FIFA 2009 and 2010 were good games but didn’t come close in comparison to the console versions. In fact, the PC version always seemed to be a few steps behind in quality. FIFA 11 looks to change that trend. FIFA is EA Sport’s only remaining sports game for the PC. Is FIFA 11 the best soccer simulation for the PC? Read the review to find out.

PC owners finally get the next generation of FIFA that the PS3 and XBOX have been getting for the past several years. Players are given more control in regards to how the athletes move on the field. There are plenty of moves that can be performed. Even runs that the athletes make are more impressive and are much smoother than before. That kind of fluidity adds to the immersive experience that FIFA 11 has to offer. All of this is made possible because of the 360 degree dribbling, a feature that was present on the console versions of FIFA 10.

Visually FIFA 11 for the PC is an amazing game and it looks really good. Of course you’re going to need a pretty good system to utilize the game’s great graphics. Add to that a decent sized monitor and you easily have the best looking soccer game for the PC. Player models look amazing right down to the realistic looking sweat. Even the uniforms that the players wear move realistically. Weather effects are very well done. The soccer fields have been faithfully recreated and look really nice. The fans however, don’t look that good for some reason.

The game’s audio is pretty good with one major flaw. The music that plays during the menu is pretty good. Fans cheer when the home team scores and they boo when the road team scores. Commentary has been improved when compared to previous games in the series because the last several games seemed like they recycled the same lines of commentary. Even though the commentary has been improved there are still instances where the commentary gets repetitive and it becomes very annoying. How hard can it be for a video game company to include more lines of commentary? How about giving the gamers a chance to add their own commentary that they can use during the soccer matches?

The game features a pretty good set of options to choose from. Everything is done really well. The online aspect works well and is very smooth. Manager Mode, Tournament Mode and Virtual Pro has you creating a player, then choosing which team you want him to play for and in my case that would be my favorite team the Houston Dynamo. There is even a Photo Game Face that allows you to use your face in the game. You can improve said player’s abilities. You have the Be A Pro Mode where you take control of one player and improve his skills using the points that you get. There are also certain goals that you will be asked to perform and you will be graded accordingly. Even with all of these modes that are available for the PC, they pale in comparison to the console versions. You even have the ability to create your own set pieces. You can create corners and free kicks which can be used in a match. Specific runs and movements can be assigned to each player which can also be used together when utilizing a set piece. They can be be used in practice before going into a match.

New for FIFA 11 on the PC is LAN Play. This gives players the ability to host their own LAN parties for online play. There isn’t even a need to be connected to EA’s servers. You can see what games are available. You have the option of joining a game or hosting your own game. You have several ways of playing such as, Classic, Be A Pro and 5 vs 5 as well. Once the LAN Lobby room is set up you have the ability to chat with other gamers via VOIP (Voice Over IP Chat) or via text. Matches can be setup based on skill type and on the geographical area. Online also allows you to post your best goals. You can also search for rivals. You even have the ability to create a friends list specifically for the PC.

FIFA 11 is a great game. PC owners finally get the next generation graphical version that gamers have been experiencing. The game looks really good pending you have a pretty good system. The console versions feature more game modes but the PC version is still solid in that regards. The audio is solid and the commentary has been improved although it is still repetitive. The PC may not fully measure up the standards of the console version but it is still impressive nonetheless. FIFA 11 for the PC does a lot of things right with a couple of flaws but that doesn’t hamper the solid experience. FIFA 11 is hands down the best soccer simulation for the PC.

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