Ballistic Review (Xbox Indie)

Ballistic is a dual stick shooter created by Radiangames.  Radiangames is an independent games development studio formed in 2010 by Luke Schneider. Radiangames main focus is on creating small, high-quality downloadable games.  Radiangames has already brought high quality games to the Xbox live indie marketplace like Joy Joy and the Crossfire series to name a couple.  Ballistic is no exception to the high quality and enjoyable gameplay that Radiangames has become known for.

If you’re a fan of Geometry Wars then you will enjoy this as much or even more.  The Visuals are gorgeous,
The action is fast paced and intense and the Audio is well done and compliments the sound effects.  The soundtrack for Ballistic is also available by clicking here.  The gameplay is familiar to the twin stick shooter genre however it does introduce some fresh concepts.

The familiar aspects to this game are the wave attacks that you must survive in order to progress to the next level. Each level has a number of enemies that must be destroyed before you are allowed to progress and each level becomes increasingly more difficult (The AI in the later levels can sometimes become overwhelming).  Occasionally you will find power-ups that pop-up on the screen to allow you to exterminate any enemies in the blast radius.  Ballistic also allows the player to choose from a variety of upgrades to their ship.  These include Rapid Fire, Bullets that reflect off the walls, speed boost and mega bombs with others available.

One unique aspect about this game is that you are able to go into “Ballistics” mode.  Which means that when you hold the RT you are able to do more damage, however you movement speed is reduced, as well if you hold the RT to long than you overheat and you are not able to fire for a short time.  Ballistic never really ends,  you not limited to the number of waves you can conquer.  There are players the Global scoreboard that have scores in the billions while playing through upwards of 350 waves!  Not to mention that there are also challenge levels that are available when you are itching for a different style of gameplay.

Bottom line is that this game is a great buy at 80 points.  Since I have had this in my games library I rarely choose to play Geometry wars over Ballistic.  With its impressive soundtrack, euphoric visuals and intense and polished gameplay it is easily one of the best Xbox live indie games on the market today.