Angry Birds Rio Review

The original Angry Birds was released in 2009 and became the top-selling and most popular phone application. Everybody from kids to teenagers and even adults were getting in on the bird flinging action. It was an extremely addictive game. It was also challenging for a game with such simple controls. It oozed with personality and charm. Two years later and we have Angry Birds Rio. Is the new version worth flocking to? Read this Angry Birds Rio review to find out.

The basics of Angry Birds are pretty obvious by now. You have several birds from which to utilize. You use a slingshot to fling those birds in hopes of destroying structures. You get a certain number of stars based on how many birds you use. You advance to the next level by completing the one before it. Angry Birds Rio takes a temporary break from the game’s main nemesis the pigs and takes cue from an upcoming animated movie Rio. Our heroes no longer smash into evil green pigs. Instead they must break open cages filled with tropical birds in hopes of freeing Blu and Jewel the stars of Rio. Later in the game our heroes face a new nemesis monkeys.

One of Angry Bird’s greatest strengths is in its challenge. Millions of people have played and loved Angry Birds. Many people have also gotten frustrated with its level of difficulty. Angry Birds Rio is forgiving early on in its difficulty. It is aimed at casual and hardcore gamers alike. There is no guarantee that you will receive 3 stars for each level. The same goes for finding every hidden golden pineapple.  You never feel like you’re stuck in a rut. It’s a much more polished and enjoyable experience than Angry Birds seasons due to the fact that Angry Birds Seasons was down right brutal in its level of difficulty.

The original Angry Birds was a good-looking game. It was also very colorful as well. Angry Birds Rio adds polish to the game’s visuals. Angry Birds’ graphics are underrated. The birds look really good along with their animations. Parallax scrolling gives the game some extra depth. Even more polish is given to the game’s graphics thanks to the caged birds which provided extra color. Angry Birds Rio looks even better than the original.

Angry Birds Rio features 60 levels. There is even a boss fight thrown in for good measure. It is definitely a welcomed addition. The game may not offer the number of levels that original featured but your still getting your money’s worth. Angry Bird’s future looks very successful and promising.

Angry Birds Rio maintains the game’s addictive nature. It has simple yet challenging mechanics. The graphics are an improvement over what was already an impressive game anyway. It is nice taking a break from destroying pigs. New tasks such as freeing birds and destroying monkeys add a different touch to the game. It feels more forgiving in its difficulty. It’s well worth the money. It’s definitely a game worth having in your collection and one worth flocking to.

  • Jennifer

    That was a great review and very detailed. The game is really good, funny and creative.

  • Ayesha

    Great review. I’ve always enjoyed playing Angry Birds.

  • Eman

    The review is very well done. It manages to be fun and challenging at the same time. Angry Birds Rio is another great addition to what will hopefully be a great franchise.