Worms Reloaded PC Review

It’s hard for someone who has been playing video games for a while to not be familiar with the Worms franchise. The series started in 1995 spawning numerous releases and was created by a British company called Team 17. For the most part the games have been in 2D. There have been some 3D attempts which were ill-fated to say the least. The newest iteration Worms Reloaded is the first PC dedicated game in a long time. Do the worms slither themselves to victory? Read the review to find out.

Worms is a turn based artillery game where you control a team of 4 worms. The idea is to take out the enemy worms using standard and over the top weapons. You won’t have access to all the weapons all the time. Some weapons can only be used a few times. Using strategy and tactics is vital to winning in Worms Reloaded. Many times it’s a matter of choosing the right weapon at the right time. Other instances offer you only 1 weapon so you need to plan accordingly. You or the enemy worms can be either taken out by the weapons or by being drowned in the water. The last team standing is the winner.

The graphics have been tweaked a bit from prior games in the series. They look nice and simple yet, cartoony and vibrant. The worms’ teleportation’s and fire look pretty good. Team 17 has kept the classic worms look intact without making the game look aged. The worms’ animations are solid. Facial expressions are as varied and funny as they have always been. Environments are completely destructible and look really nice. The game looks good on a nice display.

The game’s audio is pretty good as well. The music is cool, quiet and adds to the fun atmosphere. It ranges from climatic to cheerful. The voice work for the worms is pretty hilarious although it does tend to get repetitive. Regardless the game will result in a few laughs. The sound of the weapons is pretty good.

Weapons are a huge part of the game and there is no shortage of them. Some weapons are standard while others are over the top. There are standard weapons such as the Bazooka, Uzi, Grenade, Dynamite, etc. The game features over the top weapons such as the Banana Bomb, Concrete Donkey, Fire Punch, Super Bunker Buster, etc. You will also receive additional weapons via drop crates. Some weapons will cause more damage than others so you have to know which weapons to use in certain situations.

There is a lot to do in Worms Reloaded. The shop is a huge addition to the game. This is where you spend your earned money on new landscapes, missions and weapons. The single player campaign features 35 stages. Early AI opponents won’t be very challenging but that will change as you progress throughout the campaign. It’s a good way to get prepared and ready for the multiplayer part of the game.

There are other game modes available as well. One of those modes is called Body Count. You have to face an endless wave of enemies as you try your best to survive without dying. As you progress the enemies get tougher. They have a higher level of intelligence. They also have more health. The other game mode is called War Zone which are basically a series of death match style challenges that feature set weapons and maps.

The last game mode is multiplayer and it is solid. The physics have been tweaked a bit but not much. Matches can be played locally or online. They can be played in either player or ranked style. There is no online lag which is great. Players of different skill types are available online. You never get the feeling that you’re being overwhelmed. You have the option to either voice chat or mute depending on your preference.

Customization is also a great part of the game as well. You can use the teams’ names or create your own team names. You can choose the voices that you want to use. There are also gravestone options. You can choose the colors of the worms’ skin. You can also have the worms wear the various types of hats. The game features a level creator. It’s really a neat feature that allows you to create your own landscape. You can add obstacles, barrels, mines and worms wherever you want. The level of freedom found is pretty good.

Worms Reloaded is a fun game. It requires tactical and strategic thinking. It maintains the classic Worms gameplay with a few tweaks added in. It has a solid single player campaign. Body count and War Zone are great game modes. Multiplayer is solid. The game features colorful graphics. The audio is fun yet relaxing. The level creator is impressive. It is challenging as well. There is no online lag. It’s another solid entry into the Worms franchise.