Square Enix to temporarily shut down services

At the request of the power companies in Japan.  Square Enix will be shutting down their Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV and PlayOnline servers in an attempt to conserve energy due to the recent disastrous events that have plagued the country. The servers have been taken offline starting March 13th, 6am EST and will be offline for a least a week.  Square Enix will not be billing players for PlayOnline services throughout the month of April.

In Addition to the server shutdown, other services will not be accessible on the PlayOnline homepage.
Those services include:

  • Friend List Plus
  • PlayOnline Friend List Application
  • Community Site Link Registration

Among other services that will be unavailable for use during this time of crisis.  Additionally, some support services will be unavailable during this time:

  • PlayOnline Password Recovery
  • PlayOnline Account Cancellation
  • Any activities that would require confirmation of personal information

However during this time the official website, Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone, forums and the Square Enix support center will continue operations and provide updates regarding the temporary shutdown.  I commend Square Enix for cooperating with the power companies during this time of great difficulty.  My thoughts and prayers go out to the people and communities that have been affected by the recent catastrophic events.