Roxio Unveils new video capture options for consoles and PC

If, like me you sometimes need a little help with getting that last trophy or achievement or beating a particularly difficult boss, then there are a couple of things you could do. You could splash out on the official walkthrough, if it exists of course, you could head online to such Internet greats as, or you could turn to YouTube to quite literally show you how it’s done.

I recently had a little Final Fantasy 13 trouble and needed a little know how to get a particularly difficult trophy and no: I’m not ashamed to admit it! Awash with blogs and “handy” tips, I eventually got tired of the endless reams of advice and got even more confused with every new strategy I came across. YouTube was my last option. Unfortunately for me, the picture quality was so poor that it was all I could do to try and decipher what was going on, let alone analyse it and learn from it!! I eventually developed my own strategy for the particularly nasty boss which if I say so myself, owned all the others out there!! The first thing I wanted to do was share it with the world, but the moment had passed and how could I do it? Doubtless there is software out there but it seems a new front runner is approaching and will make sharing your gaming a doddle and in glorious HD for all to see.

‘Roxio game and PC capture’ is set to change all this. Through one small magic little box, you can connect your PS3 or XBOX directly to the software on your PC enabling you to capture whatever you are playing in real time and in high resolution. No more setting up a dodgy video camera or phone and trying to arrange that perfect shot that just ends up like a bad home movie destined for the recycle bin!

Once your console is connected to the pc and the programme is running, you simply press the blatantly obvious “capture” button and whatever is on your TV screen will be recorded instantly and ready for whatever you wish to do with it. With immediate links to the gaming world such as Wegame and Youtube’s dedicated gaming section machinima, there is quite literally no excuse to share your glory with all.

Unlike its few competitors, you can capture, edit, add voiceovers and a whole lot more in one window without switching from programme to programme. This has been designed to save time messing around post capture and is focused on packaging your video into a neat little masterpiece fit for viewing almost immediately and showing off you hard work in glorious high resolution with whatever expert advice you want to add. You can even end with your own credits to big yourself up even more. It seems ease of use and speed is at the heart of this product and could revolutionise the gaming industry.

Not only will your finished video be significantly smaller than rival software’s, you will be able to exploit its special effects, make use of the timeline and all in a fraction of the time while adding that really sleek, professional quality to your hard earned gaming triumphs. What’s the use of showing of your achievements if you can’t see what’s going on?! More importantly that anything though, this will not affect your gaming experience which is particularly important when PC gaming. Nobody wants to waste their lives watching you attempting to destroy the mother all evil but can only focus on the lag!

Offering the ability to capture stills and movies in various forms, it is unlikely that you will struggle to get your work online. The product ships with all the necessary hardware you will need to get going. With links to the major gaming hotspots around the web, you don’t even need to think about what to do with your captured video. Within in minutes: you can capture, edit, glamourise and post your video for all to see. Not only will some of the 100 or so million gamers world-wide be marvelling at how on earth you managed to pull off that stunt or break out that perfect headshot, they will also be marvelling at the clarity of the video and praising your many talents in sheer envy!

Surprisingly, there is not a great deal of competition out there and so this may be the key to the success of this software. Yes there are who knows how many free imitations that have been around for some time now, but that is for you to dabble with. In my experience, you generally can’t compare free software with the real thing and at just under 100 dollars, this isn’t cheap, possibly because there isn’t much of a benchmark for comparison though.

Rather oddly as well, the console software is released for sale before the specialist PC instalment (which retails at half the price I might add). It seems a little odd that the two are sold separately and at different times. It would surely be far more logical to release the two together and in one pack but I’m sure Roxio have their reasons. This pool is relatively empty and so jumping in at the deep end may be foolhardy but I personally will be looking forward to a whole new wave of high quality video captures online.

If you are happy to splash out on this software then it’s likely you’re going to be spending as much time getting videos online than gaming itself! Released on the 24th March, the console version will be for sale from all major online retailers such as Amazon and the like, get ready for a surge of egomaniacal movies to pop up all over the Internet. The PC software will be available before the summer in which case, the MMORPG will no longer be safe from bloggers everywhere!

I doubt that the gaming world will be revolutionised …yet. However it seems like a new benchmark will be set which can only be a good thing. I imagine many, many more forums popping up everywhere and more online competitions than you can shake a “joystick” at! The floodgates will be open and your average gamer will spend as much time uploading games as blogging, Facebooking and Tweeting! Ladies and Gentleman, start your engines.