RIFT player saves Trion a lot of grief

If you’re a rift player, you may have heard that there are players who are having their accounts compromised because of a glaring security hole in the authentication server. This hole would allow a user to log into other users accounts by bypassing the authentication system entirely. The user “ManWitDaPlan” wrote on the rift forums that it took about 30 seconds of time to exploit the system, as well he was able to access a button that would delete the character on the account. After notifying the proper authorities on the rift forums, it didn’t take Trion long to take notice and have a hot fix that plugged up the security flaw.

Other users on the Rift forum were saying that he should be given a lifetime subscription to the game,
and according to this post, he may have got it.

“For those of you that say “give ‘em lifetime accounts”, etc.
I don’t want to go into any details aside from saying that this was apparently a pretty big hole and
Trion seems very happy with me for some reason. I’ll be around for a while”

I say good work to “ManWitDaPlan” for not only finding the security hole but taking the right steps to ensure that it was fixed quickly and without many more user accounts becoming compromised.  As well I salute Trion for rewarding “ManWitDaPlan” with something, who knows how many more accounts could have been compromised if someone without the same moral compass would have found the flaw.