Plants Vs Zombies PC Review

It’s ok if you’re tired of Tower Defense games since they have clogged up the video game market. They have been released across various platforms such as, the PC, iPod, iPhone, Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network, etc. 2010 saw the release of a new style of Tower Defense games in Plants Vs Zombies. It was created by Popcap Games and it’s their first Tower Defense game. Plants Vs Zombies is an interesting game but is it any good? Read the review to find out.

Your house is getting invaded by a bunch of zombies and the plants are your only defense against those crazy brain eating maniacs. There many types of unusual plants that will help in defending your home such as, the Peashooter which can blast peas. There is the Doom-shroom which can explode and destroy any surrounding zombies. There is the Gloom-shroom which shoots fumes in all directions. The strategy is to know what type of plants to use and where to place the seeds. There are various zombies that you will encounter such as, the Pole Vaulting Zombie which can vault over various plant types. You have the Digger Zombie which uses a pickaxe to dig through the ground to get to the left side of the lawn. There is the Bungee Zombie which drops from the sky to drop a zombie or to steal a plant from the lawn. There many types of plants and zombies so the game offers a lot of variety. Defeating the zombies is crucial because even if a single zombie comes into your house he will eat your brain which results in restarting the level again.

The yard is divided into six rows and at times several rows will be occupied by multiple zombies. The game starts out easy enough but you can expect to be challenged as you further progress. Completing each level results in unlocking a various item or plant. There is also cash that can be collected which can be used to purchase items that will be given to you by the game’s wacky neighbor named Dave. The game offers even more strategy because the levels take place during the day and night. Planting Sunflowers and Sun-schrooms during the day is important because they allow you to plants seeds faster. You can only grow non-aquatic plants on top of Lily Pads during the night so the game adds an added layer of strategy. You can get money from the Marigold plant and plants from the Zen Garden. The Zombies will also attack your backyard via your swimming pool. You will also need to defend your rooftop because they will attack your house that way.

The game looks really good. It may not be as impressive looking as the big budget games but it still looks nice regardless. The game is very colorful and has a lot of personality and zaniness. The game opens by showing the hand of a zombie coming from underneath the ground. The yards are full of colorful plants and interesting zombies that come to life very nicely. The plants and zombies have animations that are very well done. The game’s cast of undead zombies is pretty impressive. There are aquatic zombies that ride dolphins. There are zombies that look like Michael Jackson that even have backup dancers and are straight out of the Thriller music video. They do a good job of adding to the game’s wackiness. The game always gives you something that is a visual delight.

The audio aspect of the game is also good. The music ranges from relaxing to creepy but in a lighthearted kind of way. The sound that the zombies make is really hilarious. The sound the plants make is equally as impressive. The wacky neighbor Dave mumbles hilarious mumbo jumbo. The music manages to be pretty funny and catchy at the same time.

There are a couple of modes that are unlocked once completing the Adventure. Survival mode offers an even tougher challenge by going through various stages. The levels get tougher as you progress. You know what type of zombies you will encounter by going through the Adventure and Survival mode. There are also puzzles and mini games as well. There are two types of puzzles, Vasebreaker and I, Zombie. In Vasebreaker you are given a lawn with various vases on it. All the vases have to be broken in order to win. However, you don’t know what will pop out of each vase, whether it is a plant or zombie. All the zombies must be defeated in order to survive. The tables are turned in I, Zombie where you do your best to break the plants’ defenses.  You have many puzzles and mini games to go through so the game offers more reasons to keep playing.

Plants Vs Zombies has crazy levels. The zombies are wacky. The plants are really fun to use. The game requires some good strategy. The game’s main Adventure is fun. The puzzles and minigames offer the player more reasons to keep playing. The graphics are colorful and look really good. The audio is creepy yet lighthearted. It’s a game that anybody can pick up and play. With a market saturated with tower defense games Plants Vs Zombies stands head and shoulders above the competition. It is a no-brainer that Plants Vs Zombies should belong in everybody’s videogame collection.