Pinball FX 2: Marvel Pinball Review

Pinball FX2 is the sequel to the original Pinball FX from the Xbox live arcade. Does it stack up to the original? Does it surpass it? Does the Marvel add-on bring anything new to the game? Continue reading the review to find out.

The gameplay is solid and feels like you are sitting in front of the pinball machine. The physics engine is superbly done and the pinball feels like a real pinball. It speeds and slows depending on the angle of the ball.
Another thing that helps the gameplay is the different tables. There are four different tables incorporating different marvel superheroes. Hero’s such as Wolverine, Iron Man, Spider Man, and Blade; and, they each have different set ups, layouts, villains, and goals.
However, my only complaint lies within the music for the game. While you are playing it’s the same song over and over which is hardly noticeable over the dialogue created by the characters, villains and other various sound effects. Still, a little variety could not have hurt the game, but no game is perfect. Also, you aren’t going to be playing a pinball game for music.
(9.5/ 10)

The Graphics are great for and arcade game. Hearing character voices and seeing the 3D models move and come about on the marvel tables was a sight to see. It’s also something very creative and ive never seen it in another game of a similar genre before this.
(10 /10)

The game controls just like the first pinball FX and the controls are very effective as there’s only three buttons in use. LT, RT, and X. The controls feel very solid and very fleshed out and the only time they gave me any trouble was on the Spider man table. The green goblin throws some gas and it flips the controls, which I also thought was very creative, but aside from this the controls were very solid.
(10/ 10)

Now the pricing is the most important part when you come to talking about arcade games. The base pinball FX 2 game is free which is not a bad deal and porting tables from the first game is also free.
After that you get into the DLC and there is a lot of it for this game. It ranges anywhere from 200 MSP to 800MSP which after seeing the quality of the content is not bad, because it is just hard to run through and get the achievements and be done. The game and extra content will take you a while to get all of the achievements. Although, I do feel 800MSP could be scaring away some buyers and they could have a lot more sales with a price in the 440-500 MSP range.
(9 / 10)

First before I proceed into the overall I would like to thank Zen Studios for giving us a copy of the game for review. We rarely get this kind of opportunity and it has been great reviewing this game.
Now, to the overall, this game is a very good arcade game and I can see content being added to it for a very long time. It already has the highest achievement score of any arcade game I know with 51 achievements and 850 points. Hopefully the content will keep coming our way and we’ll see Zen Studios with the first arcade game of 1000 achievement points.

(9.5 / 10)