No Move support in Bioshock Infinite

Irrational Games’ creative director, Ken Levine has revealed that Bioshock Infinite will not support a Playstation Move control scheme.

In a recent interview for Play Magazine he said:

“I’d never want to throw in Move support just because it’s going to make some first party happy or because some marketing department wants it on the box because, at the end of the day, gamers know.”

While Levine is not a supporter of motion control, it does not look like he is averse to all recent developments, saying that “3D is a little bit different… it’s something I’d be more open to. I’m not saying whether we’re doing that or not but it’s sort of a passive integration. Unlike movies, you don’t just shoot it differently. Games are 3D.”

The sad truth is that motion controls are very rarely used effectively and are often shoehorned into games in which they have no place. Levine seems to recognise the fact that motion controls can sometimes be detrimental to gameplay, particularly for a game with the emotional impact of Bioshock.

“Do you want to play BioShock and it’s like, ‘okay, do you want to harvest or save Little Sister? Waggle left to harvest, waggle right to save!’”

While I can understand that this would be disappointing news for any Move owners, it is nice to see a developer who is not willing to put motion controls in games just for the sake of it.