Minecraft Studio Reveals New Title

Mojang the company behind the hugely successful Minecraft have revealed their next title Scrolls.

The game draws on elements of Collectable Card games and more traditional board games and will offer strategic minute to minute gameplay.

As with other CCGs players will be able to buy more packs of cards but the studio was quick to stress that purchasing extra cards will not be essential to play the game. Saying that the original Scrolls will be enough to be effective and that the game will also offer other ways for players to increase their card pool.

No word on release dates or price so far but the studio will be offering free access to the Alpha build of the game to a selected amount of Minecraft Players as well as a free open beta later in the game’s development cycle.

Obviously with the success of Minecraft expectations are already pretty high with many gamers wondering how the game will compare with the studios previous game.