Mass Effect 2 DLC 'Arrival' Arrives This Month

Arrival, the final peace of DLC for Bioware’s Mass Effect 2 will launch later this month.

Bioware have stated that the DLC’s plot will bridge the gap between Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 and will detail Commander Sheppard adventures at the very edge of the galaxy. As well as Sheppard and his/her crew’s attempt to rescue a covert operative that may have important information about the impending Reaper attack.

The DLC will also feature the return of the Alliance’s Admiral Hackett apparently in a “prominent role” perhaps foreshadowing a greater involvement of the Human Systems Alliance.

The DLC launches on March 20th and will cost 560 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360, 560 BioWare Points on the PC and $6.99 on the PlayStation 3.