Jack Thompson Threatens Valve Over School Shooter Mod

He may have been disbarred for life back in 2008 but that isn’t stopping Jack Thompson from attacking the videogame industry.

His latest target, rather bizarrely, is Valve Software’s head honcho Gabe Newell. What for? Well that would be the controversial Half-life 2 Mod School Shooter: North American Tour 2012. This is despite the fact that no one at valve had anything to do with the mod’s development or publication

While the mod is in extremely poor taste I am not sure that Valve really has the power to do anything about it. Even if they did have the ability to shut down it down I am not sure this would be the best course of action. As banning the mod will not stop people playing the game. It may even have to opposite effect as more people download it to see what all the fuss is about.

You can see the letter in full bellow:

“Dear Mr. Newell:

You either know or should know that the more moral midgets who run Checkerboarded Studios have created a mod for your company’s Half-Life which they call School Shooter: North American Tour 2012. This mod is a full-blown Columbine massacre simulator which cannot function without your company’s assistance and acquiescence.

Attached herewith is a letter from FHE-ASAP that expresses their, my, and others’ concerns about this Columbine massacre mod. As you either know or should know, your Half-Life murder simulator was obsessively played, and thus became a training aid, for a) teenaged Robert Steinhauser, who authored at Erfurt, Germany, the worst school shooting massacre in European history, and b) Seung-Hi Cho, who authored at Virginia Tech University the worst school shooting massacre in world history. As to the latter, the sources of this information are the Washington Post and the New York Times. Now some sociopaths have made reprises of Erfurt and Virginia Tech far more likely.

Given the fact that your company has the technological ability to stop the operation of School Shooter, you must undertake steps immediately to do so.

Speaking for myself alone (for now), you have until five o’clock pm Eastern standard time this Friday, March 18, 2011, to shut down this public safety hazard I predicted years ago this school massacre game would arrive. I hate being right all the time.


Regards, Jack Thompson”

It is not made entirely clear in the letter what exactly it is that he is threatening to do if Valve does not comply but it does sound quite ominous. I would be quite worried if I was Newell as Jack has proved himself to be quite the legal powerhouse in the past.