Fox News Calls Duke Nukem Forever “Awfully Sexist”

A recent article over at Fox News has, rather predictably, condemned Duke Nukem Forever for being offensive towards women.

The article claims that the game “takes sexism to a new level” and that that Gearbox “may have crossed the line this time.”

It is difficult to argue that the game is not offensive or sexist, but at the same time the game is also a parody of the typical chauvinistic action hero. Maybe, if they had taken the time to actually play the game, they would have seen that it is not meant to be taken seriously.

However, the cynics amongst you might argue that a game like Duke Nukem Forever is designed to court this kind of controversy and that, by running the article, Fox News is only providing free publicity.

Despite this it would be nice if just once Fox would mention something positive about video games – maybe somebody could write an article about the Child’s Play charity.