Duke Nukem Forever Multiplayer Swaps Flags for Babes

More details have surfaced about the multiplayer component in Duke Nukem Forever.

The game looks like it will feature four multiplayer game types, each with a typically ‘Duke’ twist. They include Dukematch, Team Dukematch, Hail to the King and Capture the Babe.

They all seem to be pretty typical multiplayer modes; Dukematch takes the place of death match, Team Dukematch is the same but in teams and Hail to the King is a ‘take’ on the king of the hill game type.

Where it gets a little troubling is the Capture the Babe game type, which is a standard capture the flag game, but with the flag replaced by a “babe.” The babe is then fought over by the two teams. Aside from the usual problems of objectification the babe will also sometimes become hysterical and freak out. She then has to be slapped on the arse to calm her down.

Is this harmless fun or horrendously sexist? You decide.