Demon's Souls sequel to be even tougher

Rock hard Ps3 exclusive Demon’s Souls is well renowned for being one of the toughest and most punishing games of this generation. However, that’s all about to change according to Dark Souls’ director Hidetaka Miyazaki who wants to make gamers “scream” and “yell.” It doesn’t sound like he’ll be dumbing down the difficulty then (gulp). “My goal is to make it as difficult as possible,” laughs Miyazaki, “With Dark Souls there is no intention of decreasing the difficulty at all. Actually, we intend to increase the difficulty of the game. I want users to feel rewarded when they conquer a mission.” Though Demon’s Souls was as hard as a diamond gobstopper, a big part of its allure was that feeling of satisfaction when players overcame a challenging boss or obstacle. “An analogy we use is: ‘Make it as spicy as possible, but let the people eat it and leave them wanting more.'”  Sounds delicious. Dark Souls will be the spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls and is slated for both a Ps3 and Xbox 360 release later this year.