MW3 to be announced at GDC?

Call of Duty releases over the past several years have been in a pattern, this would see the next game in the Modern Warfare line of games to be coming later this year.

Rumour is that we may well see Modern Warfare 3 revealed early next week at GDC in San Francisco. This comes about after a website has been launched featuring a countdown set to end on Wednesday, March 2, at 7am PST (GDC time!).

Activision have sent out dog tags to Videogame Blogs, one containing the site’s URL ( and the phrase “End the War,” and the other belonging to Lieutenant General Shepard, another Modern Warfare 2 antagonist.

Vladimir Makarov was one of the primary antagonists in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and he is never killed at the end of MW2.

Five days to wait until the countdown ends. Can anyone guess as to what we’ll get when the time is up?

  • Tim Selley

    Massive PR stunt Activision!