Modern Warfare Countdown for Fan Film

Speculation about the website has been rampant since it first appeared on the internet last week.

It initially seemed that it was clearly a teaser for the next Modern Warfare game, but when Activision dismissed the countdown as a hoax it became all together more complicated.

Were Activision just dismissing the rumours to maintain the suspense for the announcement or was it another one of EAs parodies in the same vein as their Duty Calls game?

Thanks to Gametrailer’s Geoff Keighley we can finally put this rumour to bed. He has revealed that website is in fact teasing a Call of Duty project; it’s just that Activation are not involved. Instead the website is for an upcoming fan film based on the popular franchise

The film is being made by Toronto based collective We Can Pretend and is apparently going to be a short live action film based around the character Simon “Ghost” Riley.

We will hear more on the second of March and any fans that are disappointed that the next call of duty title is not going to be revealed will at least have a cool little fan film to watch while they wait for the game’s inevitable confirmation.