Modern Warfare 3 Reveal is a Hoax

Activision has stated that the Modern Warfare 3 teaser website that we reported on yesterday is a fake.

An Activision spokesman issued the following statement “There seems to be a great deal of speculation about the next Call of Duty project. Let me be clear that we are not revealing yet. Anything indicating otherwise is a hoax.”

Fans shouldn’t be too disappointed though I am pretty sure that we will still be seeing a new Call of Duty game this year, it just won’t be revealed at GDC.

  • Tim Selley

    Wouldn’t be surprised if it was actually EA and battlefield who made it, but then that would make since as it’s drawing attention towards Call of Duty not Battlefield……

  • John McPherson

    If it was EA then it was a pretty poor teaser, everyone just thought it was another call of duty game. Either way we will find out a GDC next week.