Killzone 3 Multiplayer Open Beta Live

KillZone 3The Killzone 3 Multiplayer open beta is now live and available for download via the PSN. The file is fairly small sitting at around 800 MB and should get you right into the action within the hour depending on your internet speeds.

Because the open beta was delayed from the second of February to the third, Sony is making it up to the fans by giving away 60 copies of the Helghast Limited Edition of the game. These will also be different than the Helghast edition that you are able to preorder because the eyes on the Helghast model light up with LED lights inside giving it the real look of the race just like in the game. So play your hearts out over the weekend and have the chance to win one of these amazing give-aways!

The open beta will be closing on February 15th. Will have more information later today on the experiences while testing Killzone 3’s latest multiplayer out!