Bulletstorm Review

BulletstormI have to admit that when I first heard about Bulletstorm I wasn’t sure what to think about it. There are already plenty of FPS games in the video game world. It was developed by People Can Fly & Epic Games. Epic Games is the same company that created the successful Gears of War franchise so I had really high hopes with Bulletstorm. I was wondering if there was anything that would separate it from other FPS games. Is Bulletstorm a storm worth riding out? Read the review to find out.

In Bulletstorm you play as Grayson Hunt, a space pirate who along with his cyborg partner Ishi Sato were once a part of a secret black ops army known as Dead Echo. They are dishonorably discharged after being backstabbed by their commanding officer, General Sarrano. 10 years later after trying to exact revenge on Sarrano and his army Hunt’s and Sato’s ship crash land on a planet known as Stygia, formerly a resort planet now overrun with crazed mutant freaks, deranged criminals, huge monsters, and vicious human eating plants. Hunt and Sato must escape the planet and battle Sarrano’s army in the process. They are later joined by Trishka, the daughter of a human rights leader whom was coldly assassinated. The game’s campaign takes around 8 hours to complete.

The game features an Echo Mode where you earn points not only for creative kills but for completing certain portions of the campaign in par time. Parts of buildings crumble meaning that you will generally go in a linear path. You can kill enemies just like you would in any FPS game but you’re not going to get rewarded for doing so in Bulletstorm. Instead, the game utilizes a method called “Kill with skill”. You are rewarded points for the many ways in which you can kill enemies.

In fact the game has garnered controversy for tying your creative kills with sexual innuendo. First in Last Out means you get an enemy airborne, kill a different enemy, then kill the airborne enemy before he lands. Gag Reflex means kill an enemy with a shot to the throat. Rear Entry means shooting the enemy in the butt. Gang Bang means killing multiple enemies with a Flail Gun explosion, etc. Drop Kits are scattered throughout the game and upon accessing them you can purchase ammunition, weapons and you can make upgrades to the weapons and ammunition as well. There are over a hundred skillshots to be discovered. Advanced skillshots are tougher to execute but offer you more points. The various over-the-top weapons and are fun to use. You have your energy leash which you can use to pull enemies closer to you. You have the Peacemaker Cabine acts like a standard assault rifle. It has the ability to be charged and incarnates an enemy. Once the weapon is fully charged you will be rewarded with the “Overkill” skillshot. There is the Head Hunter which is a sniper rifle. The neat thing about it is that you can control where the bullet goes. The game also features some quick time events and some epic boss battles.

The graphics in the game are very impressive. Indoor and outdoor environments are very nice. Even buildings that are destroyed have a lot of detail to them. Character and enemy models are very well detailed and move realistically. Water effects look great. There are many ways in which you can dispatch enemies and they all look great such as, impaling an enemy onto a spike, setting an enemy on fire or incinerating an enemy. Weapons also look good and are very detailed. Lighting effects are done very well. The game manages to maintain a solid frame rate despite all the chaos that goes on. Its one of the best looking games that I have seen.

The audio features a rock themed soundtrack to further to add further adrenaline. There is a lot of cussing and sexual jokes throughout the game. I think that it actually fits really well into the game’s over-the-top style. The voice work is pretty solid. Weapon and explosion sounds are pleasing to hear.

The game features a multiplayer mode called “Anarchy”. Its you and your friends vs. enemies. It encourages you and your teammates to work together to earn the high scoring “Team Kills”. You can utilize the game’s skillpoints to earn points but Team Kills offer you more points. There are special Team Challenges that offer you mega points. Earning points key in the game and there is no shortage of it.

Bulletstorm is a celebration of craziness and chaos and of mayhem and over-the-top crass dialog. The gameplay is intense, fun and over-the-top. The Weapons are fun and over-the-top. The cussing and sexual jokes add to the game’s style. The characters have a certain charm to them. It has a good story. Multiplayer is also pretty solid. It will be interesting what lies ahead for the franchise. I am currently playing Bulletstorm and I am enjoying it a lot. I am already anxious for a sequel. Anyone who enjoys a full throttle, in your face, over-the-top, action-packed game should have Bulletstorm in their gaming library.