Battlefield 3 teaser released & Screens

EA expressed that the newly developed Frostbite 2 engine is “incredible technology that takes animation, destruction, lighting, scale and audio to new heights”. In addition DICE exec producer Patrick Bach asserts that Battlefield 3 will be “a next-gen game for current-gen systems”. Bold claims indeed, but judging by this recently released gameplay trailer we can only agree with their lofty declarations.

The particle, and in particular the lighting effects in what is assumed as in-game footage is simply astounding. Developers really are pushing the current generation of consoles to new heights. That is, of course, unless this footage is from a PC build, which is perhaps more likely given that DICE are taking the PC development very seriously and creating a unique PC game as opposed to producing a console port which seems to be the status quo of today. Add to this 64 player multiplayer options and PC gamers really have something to salivate over.

Battlefield 3 will ‘only’ accommodate for 24 players on the consoles, most likely due to the hardware limitations present, but this still makes for potentially some intense, frenetic action.

Several screenshots have also been released which only accentuate the beauty the teaser trailer illustrates. The game is scheduled for a frustratingly vague ‘Autumn 2011′. Hopefully a more concrete date will be announced shortly.