Just Cause 2 Review: Mayhem Redefined

This was the first game ever to induce wild laughter in me. Just Cause 2 was a new world where I could do anything I wanted. I was riding on top of a car and the police were chasing me. Just shooting them gets boring when there are so many other things to try, My first impulse was to grapple them to different things. I got the idea to try to fling them over bridges. When the first car flipped over the bridge and the officers screamed as they plummeted I chuckled. By the time the fifth one went over I lost control.

I was impressed when the game recognized my display settings automatically. Eyfinity can be a real pain, but extremely rewarding (If you don’t know what that is then I encourage you to drool while you look it up). The game booted up with a massive 3840×1024 display. On maxed settings I get about 60fps.The game world is filled with impressive graphics. Explosions, vehicles, trees and just about everything looks great. This aspect of the game makes me all happy inside for two reasons. The graphics rock and my comp can handle it. Sqaure Enix offers true high-definition gaming.

I’ve logged about 6 hours of game time and since have not laughed nearly as hard as first experience, but it is thoroughly enjoyable to try the most outrageous things possible—crashing different vehicles into gas stations, base jumping off towers, grappling people to cars and dragging them around, grappling cars together to make them crash. Gameplay feels smooth for the most part, but in awkward moments it’s hard to play. I was riding a commercial airliner and had planted a few sticks of c4 around the plane. While waiting for the perfect moment to blow it up I had grappled the plane and rode it up pretty high. After detonating the bombs my character began to fall. Not his normal cool do a flip and glide like a man fall, but a new flail about like a little girl fall, which I later learned is his default reaction to midair explosions, but this time he just kept flailing all the way to the ground. It lasted for about 40 seconds. I was just shocked that tough guy Scorpio was really a ninny when it came to falling off a plane.

Ammo is scarce and attacking anything gets hard after a while. I found myself dropping guns and picking up new ones all the time, but there was an occasional moment when I couldn’t find any ammo so I had to grapple people to death, which is still an entertaining way to fight. There are plenty of vehicles to choose from, but the controls are very sensitive and driving can be tough. My buddy was laughing at my poor driving until he tried it out and felt the touchy controls.

Most games don’t attempt to implement correct accents, given the choice of good voice actors or correct accents I’d go with the first option. Just Cause 2 hired people with decent accents but horrible voices. There is no feeling in the acting and it makes the cut scenes almost unbearable, but skipping them is a safe choice since the storyline is very thin. To be honest you’ll play the game so you can run rampant in a sandbox world destroying everything in your path.

Verdict: Excellent Graphics, Good Gameplay, terrible voice acting, decent soundtrack, Huge area to explore

Get it if you like to have complete freedom in a game to blow things up until your heart, eyes or girlfriend can’t take anymore. If you looking to play a game with a compelling story leave this one alone.